Vogelzang 96,000 BTU Cast Iron Boxwood Wood Stove

Vogelzang 96,000 BTU Cast Iron Boxwood Wood Stove

PostBy: thegreatone On: Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:56 am

I am think of getting one to put in my kitchen. Are they junk? For the price I am wondering about the quality. Any info is appreciated
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PostBy: LsFarm On: Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:40 pm

I didn't have that brand of box stove, but I have used a box stove.

Simply put, they are SMALL. You can only burn 3-4 pieces of split wood at a time, and you are either roasting in a small room or wishing it would hold more wood.

Unless you like it's appearance or like burning very small, 1-2 hour fires, I'd look elsewhere.

If lighting a small fire while you occupy the room for an hour or two is what you want, then it will do fine.

My experiences... Greg L
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PostBy: AL-53 On: Tue Oct 24, 2006 4:12 pm

those stoves are a fire waiting to happen....First to get it to produce 98,000 it would be close to cherry hot....and the stove itself is cheaply made..not all cast iron is the same..some are cheap

second it is not UL approved..or approved by any testing lab..so it may not be approved by your home owners insurance...a fire may result in a loss...

best bet is look in the papers and get a used stove of quality and be safe...


PostBy: lime4x4 On: Fri Nov 03, 2006 12:25 am

i agree with Al..I've seen one of those last year at lowes or something very close to it..i think if u bumped it it would dent. I used a old handfired cast iron stove that was solid 5/16 cast iron all the way around.The ash pan door came open one day. I went upstairs for 15 to 20 min and when I went back into the basement the whole stove was glowing red. I think if that would happen to something like that u would be looking at a gaint puddle of liquid metal as it was burning it's way thry the floor. Just my opinion.Plenty of good used stoves out there.

PostBy: gambler On: Sun Feb 18, 2007 1:58 pm

I use one of these stoves but I am heating my deer blind with it and for that purpose it works well. I would not trust it enough to leave it burning unattended in my house.
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PostBy: dirvine96 On: Tue Feb 20, 2007 9:25 am

This is another one of those sub-par US Stove product. Check out the difference in the BTU rating. Same stove. All of the Vogelzang models are made by US Stove. Junk.
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Re: Anyone use on of these? Vogelzang 96,000 BTU Cast Iron Boxwo

PostBy: smokeyCityTeacher On: Sat Oct 31, 2009 4:00 pm

I have the Vogelzang Boxwood stove and I have been using it since last winter.

One good point is that besides being very inexpensive (got mine for $200) it will crank out probably 50K BTU without over firing the stove although at optimal safe output it has a 3 hr burn time on the very best hardwood. Throw in pine and it will eat it like cotton candy.

I have it rigged up with fans and makeshift duct work to heat my basement and keep the pipes from freezing by directing the flow up the stack chase in the corner of the building.
Last winter my pipes never froze, the basement was toasty and a wee bit of that heat actually drifted up to the 2nd floor bathroom where Iive but no way can it produce output to heat the basement, and the 2nd floor where I live.
I have to use natural gas on the floor I live on.

I have an unfinished basement that has 24" thick stone walls and a cieling that is 3" of fireproof plaster and mesh. For this reason I can overfilre this thing and have no fear of burning my house down.
It will crank out close to 100K BTU wide open but to do so I'm filling it up every hour and a half, dumping ashes daily and absolutely abusing the stove and the flu pipe.
If I keep using it like I do (overfiring it most of the time) it will burn thru my galvanized pipe and probably the stove itself by the end of this winter.

If this stove was not in a basement area that is absolutely fireproof I would not be able to get away with abusing it it the way I do to get the output I want. I even used to toss in big chunks of coal on the zero degree days.
I have been treating this thing as a disposable stove until I get my stoker.

This thing is not anywhere close to a solution to heat a house or a finished area.

If you plan to heat than just the area around the stove then you gotta get a coal stove.

Im about to get an LL Pocono. I will love that 200# hopper giving me a week long burn without overfiring while it heats the basement and the floor Im living on.
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