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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: Devil505 On: Tue Jun 24, 2008 1:08 pm

Keep in mind that not all coal is good quality stuff. Read a few threads here & don't buy allot of anything that you aren't sure of. (I bought a ton of mystery coal (clear bags) last winter & was sorry all winter long :( )
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who can i get GOOD coal from

PostBy: hugg On: Fri Jun 27, 2008 2:34 am

I live in clarks summit pa. Just bought a house and a new Harman magnum. I am looking to have 4 ton of rice delivered. I keep hearing about how important coal quality is and don't want 4 ton of marginal quality coal in my new coal bin(in basement) Anyone from my area have any suggestions? Thanks
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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: BurninCoalInRI On: Fri Jun 27, 2008 3:25 am

Hi I'm lookin for 4 - 6 tons of Rice in southern RI, prefer Blaschak. I also posted in co-op buys, because a full 23 ton truck split might work too if anyone is fairly close to me and can figure how to work it.

Separate question, how do the empty a 23 ton truck of bulk? Do I need a machine myself to unload it or what?

Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: chrisspeed On: Sat Jun 28, 2008 4:19 pm

Hi Everybody!

I'm in the same boat as Hugg, wanting to buy probably 4 ton delivered in the Allentown area but also wanting the good stuff (superior, uae, etc...). The dealer I'm getting my Keystoker from only delivers Reading bulk and after all I've read here over a long period I'm trying to stay away from that. Yes, he also carries Blaschak which everyone here seems to agree is good quality but since my house has the coal room in the basement I can't see paying so much extra for bagged.

Any hints on where to start looking or calling?

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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: coal berner On: Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:18 am

Chrisspeed Do you have a truck or a Suv with a trailer hitch if so go to a U haul dealer and rent a 5x9 trailer You will need a Piece of cardbord or Plywood for the mesh tailgate to keep the coal from falling threw and come up here and buy right from the breaker you are not that far I-78 to Rt 309 to I-81 or I-78 to I-81

Superior coal co.
184 Schwenks Road Hegins PA 17938 Take exit 107 on I-81 take RT 209 to Joliett make a right onto main street follow it done to the bottom of the hill you will come to a 4 way stop take a left go 4.5 miles take the second left onto Schwenks
road go a 1/2 mile Superior coal breaker will be on you right and the scale / Office will be on your left

UAE Harmony Mine
Take Exit 124 on I 81 to Route 61 North threw Frackville to Ashland to Mount carmel & Centralia Highway Route 61 You will come to a Jug Handel take it UAE will be in front of you

Summit Anthracite coal co.
Take Exit 107 off of I-81 take 209 to Joliett Make a Right on main street follow it down to the bottom of the hill
Summit sign will be on your Right take the road back about a 1/2 mile breaker will be on the left at the bottom of the road

Blaschak coal
take exit 124 on I 81 go thre Frackville to Mahanoy city exit at the bottom of the exit take a left go 3 miles Blaschak will be on you left

Blaschak coal co. No. two Breaker
coal berner
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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: chrisspeed On: Sun Jun 29, 2008 10:07 pm

Thanks, coal berner... even though I grew up in the Valley always knowing about coal, I've never KNOWN coal. It is still coming as a surprise as to just how close we really are to the mines, even with an ex-miner living right next door to me while I was growing up. Hell, I even remember climbing Mt. Pisgah with good friends from Jim Thorpe and coming home with a beach bucket of coal just lying by the side of the trails (around the trail and area leading up to Blue Heaven, they must have lost tons off the sides over the years...). Here I am at the top looking over the Blue Heaven mine...


But even with all that it still takes a second-take as to just how close we are to what I read is the heart of the whole industry. The breakers you kindly listed are actually a real short trip, time to think about getting some of the people I work with with CDL's (work at MACK) to go in with me for renting a small dump body and do a tiny coop thing with the few people I know burning coal. I'll start contacting the breakers to see what there low limit is, I know we can't handle a full trailer load and will have to settle for a small dump body.

The last time I helped burn coal.... I remember helping my grandfather in Easton when we visited to shovel coal from the coal room into the L&DBL...(The Lehigh & Delaware Basement Line he called it...) the absolute most amazing and coolest contraption ever for a 7 year old, a tiny rail car on teeny tracks right in the floor that moved coal from the coal room to dump into a small pit that the auger drew from..moved the coal a whole whopping 15 feet or so with a 90 curve. Actually carried about 60lbs a load and really dumped! (I have no clue what that old furnace was, but it was enormous, ominous black, and looked like something from "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy"). Then, especially if it was really cold and snowy or sleety when we were out playing while visiting, my brothers and I would take off our wet coats and stand on the massive iron grate that filled the entire space between the "front parlor" and the dining room. Looking down into that scary black pit, with hot air blowing us dry in no time, made us both nervous and quickly dry. I remember playing with a Tonka Tow Truck in the dining room and somehow lost the whole Red rotating Light assembly from the roof into that black pit. The comment was dryly made by all concerned, barely looking up from their papers or coffee and shoofly "well, kiss that truck goodbye".

But I never really got over stepping over it rather quickly even later in life, even when they switched to gas in the 70's. So after those memories, I'm SO glad I'm going with the boiler so that I can just soak up the nice, even radiator heat!

Again, thanks for giving me an option to work on!

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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: MrP57 On: Mon Jun 30, 2008 9:28 am

MrP57 wrote:
26Weeks wrote:Looking for a haul from superior to 14437 Dansville NY 200 miles. 22-30 tons. PM Thanks Brian

Brian, I was talking to a guy that had 23 ton brought up to Livonia two weeks ago. He is going to give me his phone number. When I get it, I will PM you. The driver brought up coal and took back grain from Avon.

26weeks, (Brian), Finally got the name and number of the coal hauler. His name is Frank, 717-453-7922. From Meadowbrook Coal Co. I do not know anything about the coal, maybe some one here can help.
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Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

PostBy: billw On: Mon Jun 30, 2008 8:03 pm

Not sure if this is the right place but I've got a question about coal delivery in the Wilkes-Barre, PA area. My wife's cousin told me not to buy from a specific vendor because he delivers a lot of stone with his coal. Isn't all of the coal from this area coming from the same place, Hudson I believe or are there multiple breakers still working in this area? I'd love to get the deep mined stuff but I need it delivered with a high lift truck.
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purchasing coal in Hudson Valley New York

PostBy: johnlen3 On: Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:04 pm

    Does anyone know of a coal supply company that would deliver coal in hudson valley New York?

    Re: Need Coal? Post it here!

    PostBy: Chum On: Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:20 pm

    Flamingo26 wrote:
    Devil5052 wrote:[quote="coal berner"]
    call them and ask for a Tri Axel load price I know a member Just called this week from Maine and got a price for 207 a
    ton delivered for 24 tons you would need to order 20 or more tons before they will deliver

    Since I only use maybe 2 tons per year I guess I would be looking for a bunch of people in SE mass. who would like to split a large load. If anyone is interested let me know. (I'd probably take 6-8 tons)

    I'd be good for 6-8 tons here in Central MA.[/quote]

    I'm interested in these "Tri Axle" loads... How does it work and where is there a reputable place to get it. I'm in Southern Maine and have a few folks who would be interested in sharing a load.

    Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

    PostBy: Freddy On: Sat Jul 05, 2008 4:38 pm

    I don't know of anyone that has shared a load of bulk. The truck is not going to go town to town, house to house and try & guess how much he dumped here or there. Even bagged I don't think you'll get a trucker to drop some here, some there. That being said, if you get a full load delivered to one place and have others come & get it, no problem, other than if it's bulk, YOU trying to guess at how many ton is in a pile. Bulk gets dumped. Bags come on shrink wrapped pallets, 1 1/4 ton per pallet. You must provide a forklift or 72 teenagers.

    Double Run trucking: They will deliver full loads of bulk. Ask for Ray, Tue, Wed, Thur 717-721-3996
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    Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

    PostBy: hophead On: Sun Jul 06, 2008 10:23 am

    Anyone have names of haulers that deliver to Llewelyn from Superior. Also what size U Haul trailer would I need to get 2 ton my self. About 40 mi round trip.
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    Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

    PostBy: coal berner On: Mon Jul 07, 2008 1:14 am

    hophead you are about 17.9 miles one way go get it yourself it will save you about 35 per ton Use the 6x12 Trailer
    put some plywood on the front back & sides to hold the coal in 24" tall would be good I have to members that used them
    one had 4.5 tons on it with room to spare they are very under rated as far weight goes very heavy built you will have no
    problems just make sure the tires are filled to the max air on the tire If you would like I can meet you at your Place and Take you to the Breaker PM me and Let me know empty I would take Rt 25 to valley veiw turn left onto gap rd goto the first Right You are on Schwenks road go 1/2 mile you will see the breaker on your right the scale on your left when you
    are Dunn go back the same way you came but at the stop sign take a right and follow the road 4.5 miles you will come to a fourway stop go straight on rt 125 to donaldson pick up 209 in Tremont less hills this way with a load on Let me know if I can Help ... a=N&tab=wl
    coal berner
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    Re: Need Coal? Post it here for Individuals

    PostBy: mmroadster On: Mon Jul 07, 2008 7:40 am

    Anyone use coal from Casey-Kassa Coal in Wilkes-Barre? Quality stuff?
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    Massachusetts coal...

    PostBy: vandals81 On: Tue Jul 08, 2008 11:01 am

    Hi All! Does anyone know of anyone selling coal here in massachusetts and for what prices? I would be interested in buying coal in bulk as opposed to bagged coal if that is possible. To throw it out there for anyone interested....I just bought 3 tons of anthracite bagged nut coal for 250 a ton....just wanted to share that...thanks in advance everyone!

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