new (to me) coal hauler

Re: new (to me) coal hauler

PostBy: lincolnmania On: Fri Feb 25, 2011 6:57 pm

update on the plow truck
winter 09/10 the pos didnt want to run whenever it was needed most, turned out the fuel tank had water in it, no clue how that got there
this winter it's doing ok, but not good enough to drive on the road

well this moneypit plows snow real good, but averages a 5 gallon can of gas to plow the took me and a friend a while to take care of most of the mechanical issues over the past two winters, after i tore into the truck and checked it out, i ended up replacing just about every part of the braking system, we had to rebuild the cab mounts and the cab floor, still havent fixed the dump bed, need some steel, no way i'm putting this thing on the road unless i fuel inject it......the motor is tired, and the carb shaft is worn out so rebuilding the carb was not much help, so i am waiting on decent weather to find a 360 magnum or maybe a 318 magnum at ez pull
for the time being i'm hauling my coal in my new to me 86 toyota pickup......what a beast lol.... 1920 lbs of coal last week took it like a champ
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