New Guy With Questions on Appropriate Stove Selection

New Guy With Questions on Appropriate Stove Selection

PostBy: sourbeer On: Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:35 pm

ok, new guy here with an introduction and some questions. I'll probably post a duplicate post on the hand fed forum as I'm not for certain which type of stove I need or would best suit me. I currently burn a wood stove, Englander 30 - big freestanding stove and a Jotul 118cb before that. I have a 2200 square foot home that I heat almost exclusively with this stove. Looking to do the same with the use of a coal stove to alleviate the hassle and storage requirements of wood.

some background information - the stove will not be tied into my forced air ductwork for my AC and oil fired furnace. I desire a freestanding stove that will occupy the space on my brick hearth in my den which is located in the finished lower level of my bi-level house. The den has a sitting area with TV located pretty closely to the hearth. I currently do not have a fan on my woodstove, radiant heat only with some use of ceiling fans in this area to circulate air somewhat. I have a 6" flue pipe (red terracotta pipe through wall) leading to a brick chimney lined with a square terracotta type liner.

I have read and done a number of searches on the forum, and I hope to go look at some stoves (Hitzer and Alaskan), I've seen a couple Harmans at a local dealer as well.

My concerns/desires: I want this to be a primary source of heat for most of the heating season. I need to be able to throttle back the stove for the 45 - 50 degree times, decreasing output and fuel consumption. I want the stove to be reasonably suitable for living space, not too noisy, dusty, or ugly. any recommendations that you have to meet these requirements? obviously, i'm planning for next year but like to do these things in advance.
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Re: New Guy With Questions on Appropriate Stove Selection

PostBy: DOUG On: Thu Mar 12, 2009 12:46 pm

There are some great stoves manufactured today. Some nicer looking than others. Since a freestanding anthracite coal stove is what you are looking for and you have already found a few, here is a newer stove from D.S.Machine and a older manufacture of a proven design from Chubby Stove, that may interest you. :idea:
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