Funny new occurrence...

Funny new occurrence...

PostBy: hyway61 On: Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:01 am

For months now I have fallen into a routine with my Russo. Ash control with poking and shakedown , refueling, remove ash and leave ash door open to catch new fuel. Sometimes I add a scoop or two of fuel and give a few shakes thru the course of the day and evening.

Prior to sleep time I shake/poke/shake and refuel and fire up...than set air inlet for steady slow burn.

Lately, due to warmer temps I've been burning coal banked deep to one side of the fire box...saving coal and running not to hot.

Last night, about 2am I noticed my fire was dark, stove temp ard 200* and going out.....So, I poked alittle till I got some ash pan glow, load in some coal, and got it going pretty well. THAN, as usual I shut the ash pan door and set the sliding intake to three slots open. Now three slots open on the Russo has always meant that the stove is set for a slow burn, a few blue flames, but long cooler is often my daytime setting when ashes are cleared out well and can result in a nearly dead fire over a 5 or 6 hours as fuel is consumed.....

About 4am the house was extremely warm, 90*+ in the stove room and the stove was not ablaze but definitely very bright with glowing hot coals and hot. The heat woke me up..too hot.

I checked the ash door which was tightly air setting was slot three,,,the baro was slightly open. Outside temp was just around freezing, and I don't recall any breezes thru the night.

Funny thing is how the stove took off with my usual settings and procedures, which normally result in a slowly declining burn rate, which would need a morning revival...???

So... I'm wondering...?

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Re: Funny new occurrence...

PostBy: DOUG On: Sat Mar 14, 2009 11:24 am

I noticed even with my set up, that the cooler air outside will cause a stronger draft from the chimney. The intensity of the draft depends on the average difference between the hot gases in the flue and the outside air, and upon the height of the chimney. The larger the flue gas temperature difference is in relation to the outside cooler more denser air temperature, the stronger the draft.

There are charts to calculate the estimated chimney draft when height of the chimney, stovepipe thimble connection temperature, temperature of the chimney top, and the outside temperatures are known.

So my guess is that was one of the laws of physics in action. :idea: :)
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Re: Funny new occurrence...

PostBy: grizzly2 On: Sat Mar 14, 2009 6:12 pm

Baro. get stuck closed :?: Gremlins messi'n with your stove in the night :?: :evil:
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