How to Best Use a Searing Burner?

Re: How to Best Use a Searing Burner?

PostBy: Devil505 On: Mon. Mar. 16, 2009 5:44 pm

SuperBeetle wrote:
Devil505 wrote:[quote="SuperBeetle"]Does anyone use charcoal besides me?

No ....& most of us don't use hand crank starters for cars or telephones :P anymore either!!

Well then let's see. I use real lump charcoal because I prefer the taste and it gets very hot and sears meat very well. I prefer a hand-fired coal stove as well so maybe you should have a stoker stove instead of a hand-fired since you like newer more expensive technology than I do, Dick.[/quote]

Enough of this foolishness......I forbid you to to us charcoal anymore!! (End of discussion!!) :taz:
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Re: How to Best Use a Searing Burner?

PostBy: Lovingmygrill On: Sat. Apr. 16, 2011 12:41 pm

I wish I had a searing burner years ago. This is the greatest feature of any grill I have owned. Searing seals the juices and flavors in while giving the meat a wonderful crust. If you want the greatest hambuger, sear it first. I am not talking about the frozen kind. A home made burger seared first, WOW! Pork chops and steaks too! I grilled some boneless chops with a little fat around the side. They were juicy, and full of flavor. Steaks turn out the same way. Some kind of good! If you rot using your searing burner you are really missing out on a great feature that I will always want to have on a grill.
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Re: How to Best Use a Searing Burner?

PostBy: theo On: Sat. Apr. 16, 2011 2:29 pm

Whats this searing burner look like, any pictures? :gee:
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Re: How to Best Use a Searing Burner?

PostBy: jpete On: Sun. Apr. 17, 2011 9:28 am

It looks like a catalytic converter core. A ceramic honeycomb structure. I have a small one on the back wall of my grill and my side burner is a searing unit. I don't see where it does much.

The one on the back wall only hits one side of the meat so you have to really stay on top of it and keep turning it. And the side one is not much different than a normal burner. I use it to make side dishes and whatnot.
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