Dividing NY into upstate NY and downstate NY

Re: Dividing NY into upstate NY and downstate NY

PostBy: KLook On: Tue Apr 14, 2009 6:01 pm

The entire coastline is Liberal now Bob. The coastal property has drawn them from all over New England and beyond. They have time and money so they get involved in local politics and make it just like the place they left in short order. I am leaving Maine after living here most of my life with this being one of the reasons. Groups like "Restore the North Woods" with thier plans to reintroduce wolves and make most of Maine north of Bangor a national park have to much money from liberals to combat much longer. Roxane Quimby of "Burt's Bee's" fame has started it all by purchasing 1 1/2 townships next to Baxter state park and new owner ship of the north woods beyond Greenville and the fight over Plum Creeks plan to develop some of Moosehead Lake are just the opening salvos in an escalation to creat a park near to the east coast population big enough to go get lost in. I for one do not want any part of it. I remember Maine when it was wide open and free to roam. All good things end I guess, or is it just "Change you can believe in"?

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Re: Dividing NY into upstate NY and downstate NY

PostBy: BobDavis On: Mon May 04, 2009 7:52 pm

Well to get back to the theme of the title of this thread, today a discussion on a local radio show perked my ears about other possibilities for the disfunctional NY government. A Reform Group Wants To Abolish NY State Government!!! Not throw them out of office but throw out the NY constitution and start over. I got to listen to this!!!



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Re: Dividing NY into upstate NY and downstate NY

PostBy: SMITTY On: Thu May 07, 2009 7:27 am

stockingfull wrote:Pretty funny, ain't it?

When people think others are living off them, they don't like it..., until they find out they're actually living off others! :lol:

My road doesn't get fixed or swept. If need be, I can plow my own road. When the road floods, guess who goes out shovel-in-hand & fixes the problem??? I pay nearly $3K/yr. in property taxes for having fire & police at the ready, should I ever need them. Most of what I pay goes to Boston to pay for the "BIG DIG" (the rest to the corrupt govt. in the city) which I may use once in my entire lifetime. --- how is it that us rural people are living off city people??? :?
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Re: Dividing NY into upstate NY and downstate NY

PostBy: samhill On: Thu May 07, 2009 8:32 am

Consider yourself lucky Smitty, I pay close to that tax wise & I`m dependant on volenteer fire (who are great) & state police who may or may not get here the same day you call( not their fault theres not enough to cover a wide area). Then the people in the nearest town(my mailing address) which is about 8mi. away want us rural people to help pay for water & sewage for them. I have well water & septic. I also have one of those fix it yourself roads, just need some stone & fines to help smooth it out a bit theres a bit of ash out there now also.
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