BHO's 100-days

Re: BHO's 100-days

PostBy: brckwlt On: Fri May 01, 2009 4:07 pm

mikeandgerry wrote::D

I watched the whole episode. What a laugh...until you realize they are in charge now! They are the establishment they said they'd never become...and they are worse control freaks and resource wasters than their parents ever dreamed of being!

Yeah isnt that a little ironic.
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Re: BHO's 100-days

PostBy: SMITTY On: Fri May 01, 2009 5:38 pm

brckwlt wrote:ohh god i hate hippies ... lazy no good people with their stupid liberal morals. Like ohh man love the earth dont drill the earth, ohh i love to hug trees, animals are better then people,.....

This entire state is full of them --- even run by them! :shock: Most of 'em are still shooting up on Haight-Ashbury, & the rest can be found tripping on acid & dreaming of peace, love & utopia......while in congress.

cabinover wrote:
titleist1 wrote:So, is it sinking in yet with anyone that there is no real difference between the D's & the R's and their current makeup of "leadership" ?? :doh:

I hope so, I've long thought every politician was a dirtbag. Maybe the rest of the world will soon catch on like the flu huh?

The only reason I vote Republican is:

1. It's a given that only a R or D will be elected, so it's pointless to throw away a vote for someone you know doesn't have a chance.

2. Someone with an R after their name is less likely to cause me expense & anger from:

a.Rediculous environmental policies that I couldn't care less about (I.E. tailpipe emissions)

b. Taxes for rediculous government pork-barrel projects & nanny-state laws.

c. Laws being enacted that favor the hippie lifestyle while squashing mine.

d. Trying to interpret the constitution in a way that fits their agenda & violates our rights (I.E. 2nd amendment)

3. While I'm not personally very religious, I respect people who are. Anyone who won't stab me in the back, steal from me, or hit on my wife in an attempt to bang her just because of a higher power
that they believe in, is OK in my book!
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