Anyone Know of a Good Rifle Parts Dealor?

Re: Anyone Know of a Good Rifle Parts Dealor?

PostBy: coal berner On: Thu. May. 07, 2009 12:08 am

mozz wrote:I've got a 144lsb here somewhere and it needed parts but I don't remember what. Or maybe I misplaced the clip? It was a heavy barrel with a peep sight.

They had a 5 shot & a 7 shot Mag The lsb was the last of the 144 series made from 1979 to 85 My Ls was made from
1954 to 60 Mine is a 1955 144LS Round knob handle The 144 had a T shaped bolt handel
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Re: Anyone Know of a Good Rifle Parts Dealor?

PostBy: New Hope Engineer On: Fri. Aug. 28, 2009 7:56 am

DVC500 at last wrote:
coal berner wrote:It is going to be tuff they were only made from 1949 to 54 The 146B - A is the same bolt differents is barrel & sight.
I have the 144LS model full target rifle. No luck with Greg at Empire Gun Shop / Parts

For some reason, I thought mine was made the same year I was born; 1958. But you are right, that would make it a 146B-A, which it is not. Yes, a bolt for the B-A will work, they are identical to the 146B bolt.

I haven't called Greg yet, Still checking out local sources. I guess if he has one and can mail it out, it doesn't matter if he is local or not.

I have gotten parts from E-Gunparts in the past, but it looks like they are not refilling inventory for 146B parts. They say they no longer have a source for parts.
This little rifle is so friggen accurate, I hate to have to retire it. I taught my wife how to shoot with this one, and will use it to show my 7 year old son how to shoot. I haven't let her try the Remington 760 30-06 yet :woot: She holds it and says it's just as light as the Mossberg .22, so why can't she try it? Keep in mind, she's 60" tall on a good day, and around 100lbs (or used to be), so you know where she'll be sitten after she pulls the trigger. :D I gotta live with her, so I'm not gonna let that happen.

just get some of the remington managed recoil rounds and let her have a try with the 06. ;)
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