Anthracite Coal Breaker Pictures on Railfan Site

Anthracite Coal Breaker Pictures on Railfan Site

PostBy: Gary in Pennsylvania On: Mon. Nov. 13, 2006 1:22 pm

I am not a true railfan....But I love, and always have loved, the CNJ Freight House building in Scranton! It is, in my eyes architecturally stunning! If I ever won the PowerBall Lottery....I'd buy a huge chunk of land and use this building as a template for my residence.....with a few more 'homelike' touches to the outside facade such a s wraparound porch etc...
For those of you in the Scranton area....the CNJ Freight building is the abandoned Abdalla Banana bldg just over the bridge on Lackawanna ave.

Anywhoo......On a recent internet search for more CNJ info, I came across a site with 1,400 some-odd pics. I grabbed some coal relevant ones and here they are: ... Huber6.jpg ... Huber1.jpg ... J/Mine.jpg ... r_Ntch.jpg ... er_W-B.jpg ... reaker.jpg ... on_cnj.jpg ... IO_TN2.jpg ... huber6.jpg ... y_PA_0.jpg

I hope there are some pics you haven't seen before (perspectives)
Gary in Pennsylvania

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PostBy: keyman512us On: Tue. Feb. 06, 2007 2:45 am

...Scranton is an interesting town (railroad wise). So is most of PA. I am a true railfan (vast wealth of "useless" info...depending on who you talk to). But as a "true railfan" I will tell you my friend, if you have any interest in anything remotely about are a railfan. Railfans and most people here in this forum would get along well together. Coal and the railroads were(and still are) closely related. Stop and think for a moment of the vast knowledge that develeoped over a hundred years...that disapeared almost overnight. The steam locomotive??? Amazing technology...that was thrown by the wayside. Not because it didn't work but because something "simpler" was needed?
...Coal to a railfan holds a special place. My hometown up here in Massachusetts has 12-17,000 tons of coal pass through on a weekly basis! Have you ever stopped and watched a coal train pass by? I've been out west (Colorado) quite a few times. The powder river region of Wyoming yields quite a bounty in black diamonds! It's an awesome sight to stand in the shadow of a 117 car coal train with distributed power whisking by you at 70MPH!
...How does coal relate in rail terms? 15,000 tons per mile(of train)...

If you ever want to be a little research back when "steam ruled the rails"...the old timers forgot more than we will ever learn.

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PostBy: keyman512us On: Tue. Feb. 06, 2007 3:32 am

...Anthracite from it used/added into the softer coals burned in power plants???

Does anyone know if coal leaves PA by boat?? (Say from Philly or Pittsburgh?)

...Am curious...If anyone has any info...let me know...Thanks!

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PostBy: Dallas On: Fri. Nov. 16, 2007 10:26 pm

If you follow this link, you'll get to John N. Conyngham, Hayfield Farm, PSU and coal.

John N. Conyngham was supposed to have made his fortune exporting coal from PA.

If you look further into the Conynghams, you'll find Nesbitt Hospital, Guthrie Clinic and more. $$$$
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