OBAMA & OBAMA MAMA make their HAJJ (Pilgrimage)

Re: OBAMA & OBAMA MAMA make their HAJJ (Pilgrimage)

PostBy: Jeddbird On: Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:52 am

brckwlt wrote:The only people who vetted him like i said were talk radio and conservatives and they get no national media coverage. If they did H clinton would of won the democrat primary's. you know that and so do i.

Do a search of Fox News alone & you will find hundreds of nationally broadcast reports (during last year's political campaign) on all the subjects Black_And_Blue mentioned in his post. Between Fox & most other conservative media, there was plenty of "Vetting:" being done against Obama. The REAL vetting is done by your political opponents anyway, who have the time & money to send out an army of private investigators to dig up any dirt they can find.
To argue that Obama's background was not thoroughly investigated & reported on is to deny reality.

Was Obama's story more of a money maker for the media than McCain's? ...Of course.
That fact has more to do with the news coverage than any other factor, imo. (Obama sold more soap, floor cleaners, hemorrhoid medications & whatever else the media was advertising than an old, tired Senator from Arizona could come close to selling)
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Re: OBAMA & OBAMA MAMA make their HAJJ (Pilgrimage)

PostBy: spc On: Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:21 am

Notice the quick answers when asked about Sarah Palin. And who campaigned in 57 states?

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