A Letter To Obama

Re: A Letter To Obama

PostBy: samhill On: Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:10 pm

I don`t think there is any such thing as a spending problem & not an income problem. Thats why the whole country is where we are today, spending what we don`t have.
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Re: A Letter To Obama

PostBy: BillMarti On: Thu Jun 11, 2009 1:44 pm

Regardless of what party is running our State/Government you'd expect them to act responsible and with integrity. I don't believe most people know or take interest in what their elected officials are doing behind closed doors as the present BO government is doing now. There is an uprising by the people and the BO administration is trying to stem it off by calling US citizens who disagree in any way with his agenda are terrorists but the true muslim terrorists are not to be referred to as what they are "TERRORISTS". I wonder how the BO administration is going to handle the July 4 "TEA PARTY"? The only thing BO has succeeded to do is usurp "WE THE PEOPLES" authority. Nothing BO has done so far has benefited anybody but put our childrens children into debt. Can anybody tell me of any positive effect any of his rushed bills have accomplished. How many of his promises has been kept ? only 2 one to abortion which is proven to target the african americans and one to the homosexuals which only recently defends pedophiles kind of says a lot about his morals. What happened to a tax break for 95% of the middle class-Off the table, getting rid of the lobbyists-GM is lobbying GM the government is lobbying itself, NO MORE PORK the last bill had 9,ooo ear marks by both parties, Let the"WE THE PEOPLE" have time to read bills-NEVER HAPPENED, Work on Bi-partisan votes on bills-Talks were held behind locked doors by dem's only, and now BO's been promoted to a god. I've said from the beginning it falls on both parties heads and that's the "CHANGE" we need at the next election vote them ALL out because it certainly can't get much worse unless BO continues his Socialist/marxist personal agenda.

Bill S.

Bill S.
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