Can anyone ID this coal stove???

Can anyone ID this coal stove???

PostBy: Gary in Pennsylvania On: Wed Nov 15, 2006 1:06 pm

I hope nobody minds me posting pics that are both on and off topic like this. I've been doing a lot of internet surfing regarding coal & stoves lately and I've become quite fond of the barrel/canister stoves ( like the old Rail Station or / S Army Cannon stoves ) as well as many of the old coal/wood fired kitchen stoves.

As for the kitchen ones....I prefer the simpler stove look over an overly ornate or accessorized stove. One such example of a favorite is seen below. I grabbed the pic from a UK site, so chances are that you folks may not know anything.....But I'll share it anyway.
a reclaimed cast iron kitchen range completly refurbished (in the UK).jpg
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Gary in Pennsylvania

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