Harman DVC-500 Problems with Combustion Fan

Harman DVC-500 Problems with Combustion Fan

PostBy: trb157 On: Mon Nov 20, 2006 3:06 pm

Newbie here. I have a 2 year old DVC-500. Recently, and under warrenty, the computer board, the combustion fan and the draft fan motors were all replaced. When I first got the stove and when it worked properly the combustion fan would come on and off with the feed motor to control the temp in room temp mode.
So both the air and the amount of coal were controlling the temperature. Now, with the new board installed, the combustion fan runs on high all the time! So the only way the stove controls temp now is with the feed rate. Is this normal? The combustion fan never shuts down or slows down ever. It is almost operating like a pellet stove that just feeds more pellets when it wants more heat. It seems like both the amount of forced air and the amount of coal should work together to control the heat output. So all I get now is a very small fire in the back of the burn area and a very loud fan noise. If I turn the room temp up then I get fire moving towards the fron of the grates but it quickly overheats the room this way since the combustion fan is blowing full force.

My dealer is pretty hard to reason with and I have a hard time convincing him that something just ain't right! Am I right or wrong here? Should the combustion fan run full blast all the time?

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PostBy: CoalBin On: Mon Nov 20, 2006 4:56 pm

Maybe they changed the way the stove controller works. I have a three month old DVC-500. When in room temp mode, the only parameter I can change fan wise is the distribution blower speed. ( variable from low to high) When the stove is satisfied with the room temp, it stops feeding. Right now it has about 1" of coal going. As far as I can tell the combustion blower does not change in speed ? When idling along, I would say its throwing off the 7K BTUs they say it should. When set to room temp mode, it keeps the room temp perfectly.

That all said, the combustion and draft blowers do make a bit of noise running the way they do.

If you can't get a straight answer from the dealer - I would call Harman and ask them if they changed the way the controller works.

If you find anything out, let us know
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PostBy: trb157 On: Mon Nov 20, 2006 5:07 pm

I am happy now that it is fixed. It does keep the room at the set temperature but the light is glowing bright on the combustion fan light. I know the dealer and the guy who fixed my stove both said it is running correctly so perhaps Harman updated their boards to run like this. Before the "fix" the loudest motor was the feed motor and the fans occaisionally ran on high. Most of the time before, the entire grate area would be lit with glowing coals and it would take off with high flames when the combustion fan turned on high. Now I just have about 1" of fire in the back with about 2" flames coming off. The flames get higher as they approach the front of the grate. I would have to say that the stove seems to be running much more efficiently now, except for the noise. The repairman said that my year of DVC was a problem for them and has had to replace many boards and motors on ones like mine. I think I will call Harman and see. I also heard from another harman dealer on another forum that sometimes Harman pellet stove boards are switched accidently by dealers with coal boards and that I should check my board to see if there is the word coal written on one of the parts of the board. Who knows.

With weather in the 40s in Central PA I haven't had to set my stove past 65 to keep the house in the mid 70s. So I am pretty happy with the heat output, hate to see how hot I'd get with this bad boy cranked all the way!

PostBy: bksaun On: Mon Nov 20, 2006 7:24 pm

:( Good luck calling Harman about anything! I tried to help a friend with a pellet stove problem and not only was the woman rude, :evil: she said we had to go through the dealer for help or info.... Then we found out both our local dealers had been dropped by Harman because they could not carry there whole line or weren't moving enough stoves! Needless to say neither of them was willing to do much about it, but one dealer did help in the interest of future sales.

Thats why I bought the Alaska,although Harman makes a great product,it sounds like they are getting too big for there britches!

Alaska will help right over the phone, and look how much Jerry from Leisure Line does on this forum. Service after the sale!

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PostBy: trb157 On: Tue Nov 21, 2006 9:05 am

I agree with Harmans customer service or lack thereof. It seems like once the stove leaves the factory they wash their hands of it. I actually went with another dealer in my area other than the place I actually got my stove from beacuse the service was terrible. The other dealer at least did come out in a timely manner and serviced my stove. I still get the feeling when I call them that they are doing me a favor helping me and they think I am an idiot. I have read so much information and fiddled with my stove so much I wonder who actually knows more about my stove. I was up in the air about an Alaskan stove or a Harman.

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