Anthracite Rice Coal in Bulk Delivered in Western MA

Re: Anthracite Rice Coal in Bulk Delivered in Western MA

PostBy: coal berner On: Mon. Sep. 19, 2011 1:20 pm

DVC500 at last wrote:
coal berner wrote:This company is one with such trailers .

Hostetler trucking
6495 Converse Huff Road
Plain City OH.43064-9185

I used Hostetler Trucking, at the advice of "Coal Berner", for my bulk delivery. 24 ton. They used a trailer with a huge conveyor belt to empty it out. Cost me $38 per ton to have it delivered 400 miles from the breaker. Not bad, I saved a ton of money. If you call them, ask for Cathy.
Heres a video I took of my bulk delivery....
What does a full T/L of bulk anthracite look like?

BTW it is more like 460miles one way :lol: doubt you will get for 38 per ton now price of fuel is up since you got your load
as well as coal per ton is up
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