Mom's Coal Feed Tube Split

Mom's Coal Feed Tube Split

PostBy: Hanover Breaker On: Fri. Aug. 28, 2009 8:25 am

My mom's coal tube is split. It is the tube from the barrel to the pot with the worm in it. Not sure what model efm it is maybe a 520. Is this something I can tackle or leave to the pro's. Hate for her to pay a fortune. Please feel free to educate me.
Thank you

PS I'm going up there tommorrow I will get pics.
Hanover Breaker
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Re: Mom's Coal Feed Tube Split

PostBy: stoker-man On: Fri. Aug. 28, 2009 1:08 pm

If you follow the pipe into the base, you'll see two set screws holding the pipe in place at the bottom of the pot. If you can loosed them, you might be able to wiggle the pipe out. It is indexed with a drive pin and the drilled holes face upward inside the pot. You'll see some of the parts in the link below.

Pictorial of all DF520 Stoker Parts and Assemblies
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