Rape of the American Political Sytem

Rape of the American Political Sytem

PostBy: Richard S. On: Thu Sep 10, 2009 2:00 am

Some interesting numbers here where you can get campaign contributions by industry, congressman etc.

This stands out like a sore thumb though and is going to make you sick. Why do we not have tort reform in UHC plan and has it only just been mentioned now in Obama's speech?

Lawyers / Law Firms: Long-Term Contribution Trends

Lawyers and law firms in 2008 made campaign contributions of $233,912,817 million dollars or nearly 1/4 of a billion dollars to both Democrats and Republicans. This nearly doubled from the 2006 total of $120,671,997. The democrats received the lions share triple the amount Republicans received:

  • Democrats: $178,706,835 76%
  • Republicans: $54,484,330 23%

This is an enormous amount of money, just to put it into perspective it's more than Health Professionals, Insurance, Lobbyists and Pharmaceuticals industries combined.

Here's list of top recipients in 2008 for Lawyers/Law Firms:

1 Obama, Barack (D) $43,675,174
2 Clinton, Hillary (D-NY) $17,381,591
3 McCain, John (R) $11,152,821
4 Edwards, John (D) $7,632,401
5 Giuliani, Rudolph W (R) $4,474,816
6 Romney, Mitt (R) $3,145,021
7 Biden, Joseph R Jr (D-DE) $2,490,457
8 Richardson, Bill (D) $2,038,840
9 Warner, Mark (D-VA) $1,699,294
10 Dodd, Chris (D-CT) $1,626,498
11 Durbin, Dick (D-IL) $1,502,571
12 Landrieu, Mary L (D-LA) $1,307,802
13 Udall, Mark (D-CO) $1,195,423
14 Thompson, Fred (R) $1,158,819
15 Martin, James Francis (D-GA) $1,104,660
16 Cornyn, John (R-TX) $1,066,902
17 Specter, Arlen (R-PA) $1,034,057
18 McConnell, Mitch (R-KY) $1,024,323
19 Franken, Al (D-MN) $992,271
20 Lautenberg, Frank R (D-NJ) $909,693
Richard S.
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Re: Rape of the American Political Sytem

PostBy: cabinover On: Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:02 am

I need to figure out how to get my name on that list. Then when you guys are complaining about me taking those funds I'll be sitting comfortably on a Carribean beach somewhere smoking dope and watching the waves roll in. :D

I agree with you though, it is indeed sickening to see. No wonder they're all quite happy doing the work of the people, as rich as they get to be without getting their hands dirty.
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