Surdiac 713

Surdiac 713

PostBy: micky t On: Sun. Oct. 04, 2009 8:13 am

I have a Gotha surdiac stove which I got new in 1980 and have used it ever since. I was saddened to see the back heat exchanger rust through and also the hopper start to go. My local coal dealer said that was the end of the stove. Reasearch on the web proved that this is not so and parts are avaible. For example the heat exchanger is copied in stainless steel and avaible and a hopper can be obtained. This has given new life to a wounderful stove which is also an outstanding piece of furniture. I found the people at to be really helpful and in fact save my stove from the screapheap. I get bagged coal here in central MA but wish there were more dealers to offer a little compatition. Save your Surdiac get the parts, in my opion there is no other coal stove out there to touch it.
micky t
Stove/Furnace Make: surdiac
Stove/Furnace Model: Gotha 713

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Re: Surdiac 713

PostBy: wlape3 On: Mon. Oct. 05, 2009 5:12 pm

I used to run a Surdiac also and I liked it very much. My heat exchanger never rusted out but my hopper cracked and split. A new hopper cost me about $400 around 10 years ago and it was well worth it. That stove burned about 2 tons to keep my house warm from November to April every year and saved me a bundle in heating costs. By the way, there was a Surdiac dealer in Kutztown, PA about 20 miles from where I used to live.

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