1959 S520 Stoker

1959 S520 Stoker

PostBy: Bill C On: Sun Oct 04, 2009 10:24 pm

I purchased a home with a 1959 S 520 in great condition.(Steam). I need to know the following. 1) The size of the vertical flues so I can buy the proper brush to clean them out. 2) What do you use to seal the small cleanout door on the back of the furnace. 3) Do owners manuals for this year and model still exist? so I can make sure all the settings are proper. THANKS
Bill C
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Re: 1959 S520 Stoker

PostBy: coal berner On: Thu Oct 08, 2009 3:22 pm

Tubes should be 1 3/4" some boiler tops had 2.25" tubes a 2 " round boiler brush on a 1 3/4" tube 2.5" on a 2.25"
for the cleanout door use either hi temp silicone or furnace cement stove gasket will work also.

Types of brushes

You can download the efm manual here Now if you have the older stoker that does not have the halfmoon sheet metal
plate with the thumb screw that covers the drum gear then you will have to adjust your feed by loosening the bolt on the gear arm that is connected to the gearbox on the bottom the arm will have a slot in it that you can move it up or down to increase or decrease the feed rate If you have the sheet meatal cover at the gear drum then turn the thumb screw and slide front or back to increase or decrease the feed .

coal berner
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