Crazy Shepard

Crazy Shepard

PostBy: ceccil On: Thu Oct 08, 2009 7:56 pm

We picked up a German Shepard this past spring from a woman who lost her job and was in the process of losing her house. The apt. she was going to rent didn't allow dogs. She didn't want to take him to the SPCA because he is 7ys old and they knew they would put him down, so she put an ad in the paper for free adoption. He is a very nice dog, very gentle and great around our son. He also gets along with the cats very well. Anyway, we planted our garden this past spring and that brings out the #$*@! woodchucks. He does a very good job at chasing them away when he is out in the yard. We have often wondered what he would do if he ever actually caught one. Well, this morning before it was light, my wife went out back to have her AM smoke and the dog of course went out with her. He ran out toward the the shed as he always does. After a few min. he came walking back to the patio with something in his mouth. He had caught and killed a small possum!!! Funny thing is that he only chases wild animals. We have a number of cats that wander through our yard constantly and he pays no attention to them. Even had a neighbors dog come into the yard and he just went and checked him out then started to play with him, which is strange because Shepards are very territorial. Bad part is now my wife has developed an allergy and we think it is from the dog. Hate to get rid of him but she is in agony 24-7 now. Only good thing is that my parents dog passed away last year and they decided not to get another dog. They very much like our dog and may take him in as long as he gets along with their cats. Hopefully he will, and he can remain in the family.

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Re: Crazy Shepard

PostBy: tsb On: Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:11 pm


We had a very similar dog years ago. The " Bombastic Buff ". He was a drop off
that lived on our back porch for about ten years. He was great with kids, cats and
other dogs, but ground hogs were toast. He was not much bigger than a ground hog, but
he never lost a battle, and never got bitten. Ten seconds was the typical battle.
God i miss that dog.

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Re: Crazy Shepard

PostBy: 009to090 On: Thu Oct 08, 2009 8:39 pm

Our Lab/GermanShepard mix is a great "Mouser". He can smell a mouse a mile a way ;) . Or, you can call him over by saying "Get the Mouse!" And he'll come running. When he picks up the scent, his tail starts wagging, and doesn't stop until he gets that mouse and it stops squeeking (Wink-wink). But he loves to play tag with the chickens! They are his sisters, I guess. Go figure!
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