How to Become a Member of Congress

How to Become a Member of Congress

PostBy: BingeBob On: Sat Oct 10, 2009 7:08 am

Well I figured that since the last election when 51% of the country cast votes against a party (as opposed to "for ideals") and now that the current party in power is barely hanging on to a 50% approval rating now would be the time to think about this subject.

Think about what kind of platform you would personally run on. What you would base your first couple of public speaches on. I am interested in hearing about what you would specifically campaign for if you were running.

My platform would be totally third party libertarian based.

-Doing the right thing even if it will destroy my career. When it comes down to supporting the position of lobbyists and colleagues OR supporting the little guy trying to make ends meet the choice is simple SUPPORT THE LITTLE GUY.

-IRS and taxes...The IRS seems to only harass the blue collar working types. This was made painfully apparent when Tim Geihtner was awarded the US Treasury Secretary spot while EVADING a $35,000 tax bill in which case he requested to only be required to pay half of the owed $35,000. I was recently audited for a tax return from 3 years ago and they said I owe them $500 from a penalty that I incurred when cashing out my retirement plan due to hardship over losing my employment. Yeah...A PENALTY FOR USING MY MONEY!!!

-Gun control means enforcing the laws already in place, not creating new ones. I would also like to see some kind of incentive for gun dealers to follow the laws that are in place.

-We need to stop our nation building in the middle east. We have entered into a conflict that will rage on for many, many years if we dont stop this now. I say 3 months to train foriegn government trainers and get out.

-Power needs to lie with the states first. The federal government is too detached to be making laws that will have an impact on a local level. State law should always trump fed law.

-I will always read something before I vote on it.

-I will establish a website that will allow constituents to post concerns, show any and ALL moneys recieved and spent and have weekly updates of what is going on in the house. A congressperson is supposed to be accessible to the people they represent and this means getting a response to questions that doesnt include "Dear Sir, Thank you for your support..." espcially when you tell me im doing a crappy job.

-I think it is important to observe individual rights and personal responsibility. This includes no government intrusion into the doctors office. I stand behind the choice of a woman and her doctor to abort 1st trimester problematic, potentially harmful pregnancy or pregnancy caused by violent criminal behavior.

Well there is some of my platform. I like to think that I could run for congress. I dont think I could right now though...I dont have the ability to leave work and depend on contributions. Maybe I could run for state house of representatives.

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Re: How to Become a Member of Congress

PostBy: kozel On: Sat Oct 10, 2009 12:37 pm

Elected public service was never meant to be a full time job; although you'd never know that by our current public servants. Normal citizens were expected to put their careers on hiatus while they committed 1 or 2 elected terms in office. Farmers, doctors, lawyers or teachers would serve their country only to return to their vocation to allow the next farmer, doctor, lawyer or teacher to take their place.

I'd gladly vote for anyone who'd run for office and promise not to spend 80% of their time seeking money from special interests only to fund their reelection. Go and serve your term and do the best job you can do and let your record stand on its own. If you are reelected fine; if not, hope you are replaced by someone else that was honest and forthright as your were.
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Re: How to Become a Member of Congress

PostBy: BingeBob On: Sat Oct 10, 2009 2:08 pm

Yeah...I think we have moved too far away from what the intension was when these offices were created.
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