New Boiler Old Boiler

New Boiler Old Boiler

PostBy: kas On: Mon. Oct. 12, 2009 11:35 pm

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this is my supply header,expansion tank, air scoop, vent, cold water make up and also two amtrol hot water tanks 42 gallon each
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return header with 10 zones for heat and 1 zone for the hot water maker
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my plans are to put a T into the supply just above that green handled ball valve. then I would put a 2 inch ball valve and conect to one of the 75 foot runs of 2 inch black iron I have already run.
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this picture shows the return to the oil boiler and the piece I want to install . and on top of that valve pointing up would be the circulation pump then continue to that other 75 foot run. wish me luck breaking into this line... they put it together in the 40's
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a naked DF 520
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18 tons of rice ready to burn

i am looking for the best way to plumb this boiler let me start a couple of questions :... do I pipe the supply of the coal boiler to the return of the oil boiler? to I need any check valves? how do I size my circulation pump? and what about the bypass thing? if I do need one what size line do I use if I am running 2 inch supply and return?

some things I am ok with are:
a dump zone
another expansion tank
air scoop with vent

sorry for being so long thanks in advance and don't worry about my feelings give it to me strait.
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Re: New Boiler Old Boiler

PostBy: jeromemsn On: Tue. Oct. 13, 2009 3:13 am

Wow is all I can say! 70 years old and look at how good that looks. I'm speaking of both the plumbing and the workmanship of your brick and stone basement. Wow!
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Re: New Boiler Old Boiler

PostBy: JB Sparks On: Tue. Oct. 13, 2009 6:21 am

First off, ditto what jeromemsn said.

I'm not a plumber but, I tied my coal boiler in parallel with the oil boiler (coal supply into a tee to the oil supply and return into a tee to the return side). Then a circ. in the return line pumping toward the coal boiler. Circ. runs 24/7 controled by an aqua-stat on the coal boiler and a relay that turns on the circ. when coal boiler is up to 130* and also locks out the oil boiler so the two can't run at the same time. The water in both boilers always stay at the same temp. and the zones run as they normally would. Having said all this, one difference between your setup and mine is all my zone circ's. are on the supply side of the boiler, don't think that would make any difference but, as I said I'm not an expert.

Hope this helps a little.
JB Sparks
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Re: New Boiler Old Boiler

PostBy: stoker-man On: Tue. Oct. 13, 2009 6:37 am

The stoker looks like a toy setting in front of those huge foundation stones. It must be a massive building. The workmanship looks great.

I suppose a 1 1/4" bypass line would be OK. Probably a B&G 100 circulator. You would supply the return line of the oil boiler if your intent is to have a small loop between the coal and oil boilers and then use all the zone pumps off the oil boiler.

Depending upon your loop, you might need check valves. I would return to both sides of the stoker boiler with a bypass loop.
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