4 MA politicians on TV debating for Teddy's seat...

4 MA politicians on TV debating for Teddy's seat...

PostBy: SMITTY On: Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:13 pm

What's the point??? I just wasted 15 minutes of my life watching a debate between 4 Democrats. I tried to count the number of times I heard the phrases : "....as was done in the previous administration", "...the cowboy antics of the Bush administration", "we need to leave Iraq now!" & the well-worn line: "My parents were immigrants .... we need a comprehensive immigration policy" while dodging questions left & right. I watched Mike Capuano creatively dodge the direct question of whether he would vote in favor of illegals getting drivers licenses, or vote against. His answer was: "that question would never come up! It would never get that far." The host asked one more time & got more of the same! Funny how these idiots can do this in front of a live audience & still get voted in..... :roll: :mad:

More of the same........ what's the point of voting for 4 Dems????? They are all the same!! Where's the competition??? The system is so corrupt there will never be a chance for any. They say, "well there just aren't any Republicans running this time.." Yeah right!

We shouldn't even be having this election in the first place!! Where was the vote on whether or not the people wanted the house & senate to change the law BACK (conveniently) to allow the Dem governor to pick a replacement for Fat Teddy? :annoyed: :mad2:

:wtf: :?:

All the pieces of Obama's corrupt puzzle are in place to ram a healthcare policy (and every other social liberal policy) down our throats!! :mad: :sick:
Keep buying your ammo....
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