Few questions for rep

Few questions for rep

PostBy: ewcsretired On: Sun Dec 31, 2006 9:53 pm

Shut down my hyfire 2 today for a good cleaning as the weather was so warm. Noticed the gasket around the firebox door glass is starting to come out. Is this a custom part or can any gasket be used, if so what size and should it be cemented in?

My hyfire is an older unit with an 8 inch convection output, I have a Y adapter with two 6 inch pipes coming off of that to two registers in the main room of the house. The stove is in the basement. I know this is probably not the best set up to get the max out of the stove but I dont have a lot of options. I live in a pre civil war farm house. Would i realize any gain by installing the jacket for this stove. At the most I could do is put 8 inch pipes off the stove to 6 inch pipes when they run between the stone wall and the floor joists to the registers. The walls on this house are 24 inch layed up stone, I dont have a lot of room. I could somehow come off the 14 inch vent on the jacket to two 8 inch lines, put 8 inch in line fans in the larger pipe. How much would the CFM (512) of these fans drop when they were necked down to the 6 inch pipe? Would I still leave the stoves 2 fans in place? Or would all this be wasting time and money?

Thanks for any input.

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PostBy: Jerry & Karen On: Mon Jan 01, 2007 1:07 pm

Happy New Year,
Any flat gasket will work. Make sure that you fold it over each side of the glass. A jacket will help, but I would special order it with four (4) 6" or 8" pipes coming off of the top of the plentium. Then I would hook up duct fans somewhere in the runs. The duct fans will draw the heat off the stove and blow it out the registers. Be careful not to place the duct fans too close to the stove or they will cook. You can also buy registers with fans built in and are much quieter. Remember that when you force air upstairs then you must return cold air back down. Try leaving the cellar door open.
Jerry & Karen