What I'll Be Doing in May

What I'll Be Doing in May

PostBy: Oo-v-oO On: Mon. Jan. 01, 2007 1:32 pm

I'll be taking a bike ride!

For starters, understand that I'm not exactly in tip-top shape. I got a bike about 2 years ago and started riding it at lunchtime at work, working up from only being able to ride around the parking lot for 15 minutes or so and feeling like I was going to pass out to where I am now - able to get in about 10 miles in a little over a half-hour and still have energy to spare.

I registered for the 2007 American Lung Association of NH Clean Air Challenge Seacoast Bike Tour this weekend. :) It will be held on May 19 & 20. Hope I'm not going to get in over my head, in more ways than one...

I should be able to do the 25 mile course no problem. I have until May to train for it. I signed up for the 2-day event, which means a ride up the coast from Portsmouth, NH to Ogunquit, ME on Saturday and a ride inland back to Portsmouth on Sunday. I've volunteered for this event for... 5 years, now, I think, as a ham radio operator. I'm going to try to help out in that capacity as well, by installing a radio on my bike.

You can find out more about the ride HERE.

Now, to toot my own horn: If you'd like to make a pledge, I'd be very grateful! You can visit ]my fund raising page HERE. It's easy to make a pledge using a credit/debit card. I can also accept cash and checks. :D I set a fundraising goal of $500 for myself but I need to raise at least $325 by May or I'll have to make up the difference myself. If I raise $500 or more I get a T-shirt plus a gift certificate to a bike shop.
People who pledge $25 or more will be entered in a raffle for 3 different prizes, to be drawn on June 9th.
Ok, commercial over. :mrgreen:

I'm stoked. Looking forward to it. Maybe next year I'll work up to the longer courses, with the ultimate goal being the century ride. :)

Now I'll have to try to get longer rides in, weather permitting, to help build up my endurance. Last year I rode year-round as long as the roads were cleared. The way this winter is going, I may be able to get quite a bit of riding in. :wink:
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