Welcome Coalkirk the new Maryland Moderator

Re: Welcome Coalkirk the new Maryland Moderator

PostBy: dave brode On: Tue Jan 18, 2011 2:00 pm

coalkirk wrote:Hi Dave. Thanks for that info. I had no idea they were still active. Are they surface mines or underground type?
By the way I was in Cumberland last fall. Camped at Rocky Gap, rode the scenic Western Maryland Railroad, visited Frostburg State where my wife went to college in '72. It's really beautiful out there.


I'm not sure if any deep mining operations are still running of not, but I can see active surface mining operations from my house. Iirc, Metteki closed the Maryland side of their deep mine in Garrett County a few years back, and moved over the the same seam [freeport, iirc] on the WV side.

The "green" bunch in Annapolis would like folks to believe that mining is not going on. Of course, they aren't placing wind turbines down their either, but they want to be able to sit around and talk about how green "their" State is [rant over]

Feel free to look me up if you are ever back in town.

dave brode
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