Approaching strange dogs

Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: gaw On: Thu Nov 12, 2009 7:51 pm

When walking or biking and I encounter a dog I like to keep eye contact with it if it is coming at me. If riding a bike and you have a dog come at you and you can’t outrun him, getting off the bike will usually make him stop chasing, if not you have the bike to keep between you and the dog to fend him off. While walking I have encountered a few dogs that acted aggressive. Generally if you keep watching them and keep your front to them they just bark but if you try to ignore them they try to get behind you and then may try to attack. Most family pets are more bark than bite but you just never know. I get annoyed by people who live by public roads that let their dogs outside, unwatched to harass people walking by.
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Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: stovepipemike On: Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:09 pm

One of my many dog stories. While on a service call I pulled up the drive to get the vehicle off the busy two lane.I saw a huge dog house 30 feet ahead.I stopped the truck right there not knowing what to think yet. Out came the largest head I personally have seen on a dog.It was a St.Bernard that got out of the dog house and simply stood there staring at me.He seemed docile enough and besides,he had a heavy chain on his collar.When I got out of the truck and moved toward the rear door,he reacted like a shot out of a gun.I spun around and ran for the truck.I just slammed the door when his head bounced off the drivers door window leaving mouth smear all over my glass.The chain held but that did not matter much because he brought the dog house with him.I was lucky that he drug it otherwise he would have had me good.Never forgot it. Too many encounters over the years, do NOT like big dogs no matter how freindly they appear.Although I have to say that both times I was ripped and torn up it was with medium sized biters. Then there was the time I actually considered it a life threatening situation but that one taKes too long to lay out here. Mind the strange teeth. Mike
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Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: rberq On: Fri Jan 15, 2010 8:34 pm

One dog is a dog. Two or more is a pack, and it is a totally different dynamic. I watched my two house pets tear into a raccoon. They reverted instantly to their wolf instincts. One would come in close, the coon would face her, and the other would attack from behind. As soon as the coon turned to the attacker, she would back off and the other would attack from behind.

I thought of that when my brother hired a carpenter who brought three Chesapeake Bay Retrievers with him on the job. One of my brother's employees showed up for work, and the three dogs came after him. Luckily he was able to back himself into a corner by the garage door and fend them off until the owner came and got them. I like dogs, but if I was in that position and I had a gun, I'd kill them all on the spot.
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Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: ken On: Fri Jan 15, 2010 10:00 pm

Crazy story Mike. I'm not to fond of people who let their dogs run free. Been bit to many times. Dogs don't like me.
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Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: Pete69 On: Sat Jan 16, 2010 1:52 pm

I make it a point to never approach a strange dog. If I'm on a delivery and the dogs owners aren't thoughtful enough to confine there dog, then they miss out cus I'm gone. If I show up to a place of business and there is a loose dog showing aggression they lost my business forever. Dogs are pack animals and instinctively need to dominate or be dominated. If a strange dog shows aggression best thing to do is stand your ground, never run, even if it smells the load you just dumped, don't show any fear with your body language. Yell at it like you would your own dog. Go home or sit most dogs know those commands. point but never flinch at the dog it will see it as a challenge. This has worked more times than I can count. If all else fails be mentally prepared to fight. You'll stand a better chance fighting than trying to escape. If attack is imminent, stand in a fighting stance, knees bent, standing slightly sideways, the nads are a favorite target. Don't let it circle you. Don't think punching it in the head will phase it. If intent, it will get hold of a body part. best to offer it your week arm by holding it out in front at a 90 deg angle to your body. Once it latches on, wrap your strong hand around their neck. Push up and back with the arm they have hold of and squeeze with the arm you have around the neck. If they get hold of another body part, Don't try to pull it out, push it in. Once they have hold they will try to shake, this will do more damage than the initial bite. You have to hold them so they can't shake. Dogs are bad wrestlers. If you can mount their back and get them in a headlock, one arm over and one arm under, holding opposite arms, this will work. I've seen a pit bull subdued this way. Don't let go, squeeze till dead. If you are on the ground and don't have control of the dog yet, don't let it take your back, if they do, protect your neck, and face them as soon as possible.
I love dogs. I've had many. All large dominant dogs. But if it comes down to me or the dog?
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Re: Approaching strange dogs

PostBy: av8r On: Sat Jan 16, 2010 3:19 pm

coaledsweat wrote:
Richard S. wrote:Edit: just to add I'm not so sure I agree so much with the no eye contact thing. Might be best for a really agressive dog but might not be the best idea for semi aggressive one.

I went to tow a car one time and the owner was in the back yard talking to his neighbor over the fence. I think there was a mower or some other background noise and they didn't notice me but his very big mean dog did and started to come after me, I turned and headed back to the wrecker . The dog covered half the distance between me and him in a few seconds so I knew I would not make it back to the truck in time before bowser had his teeth in me so I spun back around and looked him right in the eyes. He stopped dead in his tracks and started to reevaluate his options. He had none as he knew I was ready for him, he could see it in my eyes.

You're very dogs wouldn't stop regardless of what you did...but they're trained for that kind of thing. There are many dogs that simply won't back down.
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