Coalbrookdale Darby Adding Coal

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Re: Coalbrookdale Darby Adding Coal

PostBy: grobinson2 On: Sun. Jan. 09, 2011 2:29 pm

Well apparently quite a few of you guys need this baffle frame. I am sorry but the one orginial I had left has been sold but I can have more made. I keep one of each part of the darby line that is orginial English made and unfired so that I can get copies cast from them and of course I will not sell those parts. If anyone else is interested I would be more then happy to have them cast as many as are needed and any other parts that you guys need.

Thanks again,
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Re: Coalbrookdale Darby Adding Coal

PostBy: NjBurner On: Fri. Dec. 07, 2012 8:51 pm

Was interested in some used parts looking for the THROAT RESTRICTOR PLATE and THROAT RESTRICTOR PLATE FRAME. Number 4 and 8 in the website I have attached. Thanks in advance!! ... y_110.html

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