Surdiac coal stove worth

Surdiac coal stove worth

PostBy: rxlady On: Mon Jan 15, 2007 3:11 pm

I have a Surdiac coal stove which was in the house we recently moved into. We have a Harmon pellet stove which we installed. I was wondering if anyone could tell me how much to sell this Surdiac coal stove for.

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PostBy: JerseyCoal On: Tue Jan 16, 2007 8:01 pm

Hello rxlady:

The value of your stove is determined much like that of a used car:
age; in working order?; in good condition?; size of stove; BTU output rating; condition of glass in window.

If I am correct, your stove is quite similar to the Franco-Belge stoves. In fact, I think Franco-Belge makes tham and markets them as a lower priced alternative to the F-B series.

Last year I scoured the internet and picked up two separate F-B stoves for about $300.00 each. Both were made in the mid 1980s and needed work to put them in working oder. Between the two of them, I made one working stove. So it cost me about $600.00 for a 20 year old stove.

Up unitil a few weeks ago, a member of this forum had a Surdiac stove for sale in the classified section for about $500. or $600. I don't recall any of the details.

Before you dispose of the Surdiac, might I suggest that you give coal a try? Coal will give you the greatest BTU output for your money and your Surdiac will operate even if your electricity goes out.

Whatever you choose, good luck.

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PostBy: flintlok On: Sun Jan 21, 2007 10:25 pm

Before you try to sell the stove, check two things. One is the heat exchanger on the back of the Surdiac. It is the first thing to burn out. The area around the cleanouts (low on both sides of the heat exchanger) tend to rot out near the bolts that hold them on. The second area to check is around the flue pipe exit. Mine rotted out there at the crack. The heat exchanger is made out of steel, then ceramic coated. Once there is a break in the ceramic, it rusts out there. I had to throw out my Surdiac as it was the large model, and no one had a new heat exchanger for it. They are out of business now, and Jotil (spelling?) bought out all of the spare parts, but they are getting low.