110 btu ????

110 btu ????

PostBy: scotty On: Mon Nov 23, 2009 11:00 am

My dealer wasn't sure if I had to make any coal trol adjustments, was their anything I should do ?? I have the min at 4 and it's burning alot more than the 90 btu, high at 39 , but it really hasn't been cold enough to watch it burn for a while.Basically I just bolted the new one in and fired up, was their anything I should do ?? . Thanks
' Scotty
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Re: 110 btu ????

PostBy: WNY On: Mon Nov 23, 2009 12:18 pm

Min 4 is probalby good, as long as you don't have an outfire and good draft.

You need to fire it up (once it gets cold) and see if you can get a FR (Feed rate) of 99 and then check the burn grate, if you have about 1" of ash, then the MAX 39 is a good number, if you are pushing hot coals off or real close, bump it down a couple 35-37, maybe 2 increments at a time.

If you have MORE ash (1-2") then increase the max up a couple points. 40-45.
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Re: 110 btu ????

PostBy: Matthaus On: Mon Nov 23, 2009 3:24 pm

As Dave said 4 will probably work, I always recommend setting the min and max when the stove is first fired:

Enter setup by pressing the menu button
toggle until you see Min and the number (in this case 4)
Let the stove burn for about an hour on min verify an inch or so of burning coals
Adjust number up or down to achieve around an inch
toggle to then next item which is max (in this case 39)
Let the stove burn for an hour or so
If there is a concern for too much heat on the stove body you can exit into the main menu and fcrand up the fan on FSM
adjust the max up or down to achieve and inch of ash on the end of the grate and all the rest burning coals
Once this has stabilized at an inch you can return to the normal menu and run your stove.

One other tip, when first lighting the stove make sure you either set the Tstat on Min or 2* below the set point, this allows the stove to run at min and stabilize before adjusting room temp. Then increase Tstat 2* at a time until the room is at the desired temp. This will minimize overshoot and keep the stove at a more even temp.

Enjoy your new added capacity!
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