Value of Antique Coal Insert

Value of Antique Coal Insert

PostBy: kid320 On: Tue Nov 24, 2009 1:30 pm

It was recommended by the people at that I try posting this question here, and I sure do hope I am in the right place. I purchased a house in April of this year and I finally got around to having my fireplace inspected today.

The inspector told me that what I have is an old coal burning insert or grate. He had to remove it to get to the rest of my chimney and, after the inspection, I decided to leave it out and put some money into the fireplace itself instead of dealing with burning something on that tiny grate.

He mentioned to me that he thought it was from the late 1800’s. My house was built in 1940, but it looks like this wasn’t part of the original fireplace. So, that is a possibility. He said that I could probably get a good amount of money selling it on craigslist, as people with money in some of the lofts in nearby Philadelphia love this kind of antique insert, as they fit in their shallow fireplaces well.

It seems to be pretty complete and in good condition. Both hatches on top open and close without trouble, and the grate seems to tilt without and trouble (although I don’t have a crank or handle for it, I need to use vice grips in order to make it turn).

I would like to know any information anybody has on this piece, and a ballpark figure on how much I should list it for.

I have attached a few pictures of everything. Please excuse the wet look, as I just wiped everything down to the best of my ability.

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The first picture is a shot of chimney inspector cleaning it up and trying to figure out how to take it out of my fireplace.

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The second picture is an overall view of the assembled piece. Written on inside of it are the words “Improved National 24.” I am not sure if that means anything to anybody.

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The third picture is a shot of the back side of the insert.

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The forth picture is a shot of everything assembled. I am not sure what these pieces are called, but there are 4 of them: the main piece, the grate, the front fence and the lower piece that goes on the ground and covers up the front.

I hope my descriptions/pictures are helpful and I really appreciate your time helping me out. Let me know if you have any questions.

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Re: Value of Antique Coal Insert

PostBy: finelinevan On: Wed Dec 02, 2009 8:31 pm

This is a very cool conversion kit. If I had a mason fireplace I would be calling you. I would put it on Ebay list it high and if it does not sell drop a 100 at a time. I think as your sweep felt its worth a lot in the sense you cant buy them and at the same time convert a wastefull fireplace into a coal burning heat sorce.
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Re: Value of Antique Coal Insert

PostBy: kid320 On: Tue Dec 08, 2009 10:54 am

Sorry it took me so long to respond, but I just saw your reply was posted. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it. I am probably going to list it on ebay or craigslist and, like you said, list it high. You wouldn't happen to have any more details on the thing (age, details about the manufacturer, etc.), would you?

Re: Value of Antique Coal Insert

PostBy: coaledsweat On: Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:53 pm

About $500 bucks, to the right person maybe twice that. I would guess it is about 100-150 years old. I would stop by a few antique shops with pics before Ebaying it.
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Re: Value of Antique Coal Insert

PostBy: Berlin On: Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:29 pm

why not use it? get yourself some coal and have a fire. :) Those are not that uncommon, I would say $200-$300 for it at most. It's not worth much to very many people. there are many of them around buffalo, somtimes you can find them for free.
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