PA Bear Hunting

PA Bear Hunting

PostBy: bear creek burnout On: Thu. Nov. 26, 2009 11:08 am

There's a small hunting cabin & club up near Stoddartsville on the Lehigh River. One day this week a guy shot a 440 lb bear. He took it to Dallas to the game commission. The bear had a tracking device on it so the commission checked the number on the device and determined the bear was captured 18 months ago in Bear Creek when it became a nuissance bear. The commission took it to Sullivan County.....again 18 months ago & a two hour drive away.....and it worked it's way back to about 12 miles from it's capture point. Isn't that crazy.
bear creek burnout
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Re: PA Bear Hunting

PostBy: Poconoeagle On: Thu. Nov. 26, 2009 11:16 am

Actually thats what always happens. Gary Alt, the bear man, worked for Penn State for 20 yrs doing the black bear study, lived in one of our apts and I got to go along many many times and catch them. it was always at the state parks or in communitys where folks didnt secure thier garbage.

We would trap them with wire snares, or drum traps. sedate them, weigh them, tag thier ear, tatoo thier inner lip and pull a tooth to determine thier age. blood sample for lab tests also.

after years of installing radio collars and tracking it is amazing to watch thier trek back to where they were captured as they meander during the day eating and browsing but at night you could draw a straight line on a map with there path back home!!

instinct is a powerful thing.... thought they might use the stars to navigate....

Biggest bear we got was on a 1/4" wire snare. she was 650# and was pissed!! she stood on her hind legs and was overwhelmingly scary !! thank God the setative worked quick!!

the females with cubs were always the most stressed but it was fun to play with the cubs...

"After making his mark in the wildlife management profession through his studies of bear biology in Pennsylvania and around the world, Dr. Alt agreed to head up the Game Commission's Deer Management Section in August of 1999"

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Re: PA Bear Hunting

PostBy: Perky On: Fri. Nov. 27, 2009 7:49 pm

Hey, I think he may have been in my backyard this summer. Was a big one and had a tag. I remember a few years back (maybe more now) someone got one of the largest ever (700 lbs?) in the Francis Walter Dam area.
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