Hitzer 50-93

Hitzer 50-93

PostBy: Maxie105 On: Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:15 pm

Running a new Hitzer 50-93. At times it produces plenty of heat and at other times nothing. It seems like all the heat is going up the chimney. I have used and ran a Victory 700 for 20 some years, so I am not new to the game. The Hitzer is showing a bed of red coals across the entire burning surface the only time I get heat is if I open the door slider,on the ash bin, open the temp. control on the back and run the unit with a fine blue flame across the entire upper edge of the hopper box. My old Victory just glowed and produced heat. My stack temp. on the Victory was nill but this Hitzer is running around 200 degrees or more. I am using pea coal cannot see how nut would help just more heat going up the chimney. Maybe this is normal but I think I have to run this way to hot to get any heat from it. Victory was all cast parts and coal gas was taken from in front of fire box and ran to back and stack I see Hitzer vent directely from back. Any ideas would be appreciated. Moved my posting to Hand Fired Coal Stoves Sorry.
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Re: Hitzer 50-93

PostBy: WNY On: Wed Dec 09, 2009 3:19 pm

Read the "Hand Fired Section" and/or Search on Hitzer 50-93.

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fired up the new Hitzer this morning

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