If your pension recovers, the banks will steal it again

If your pension recovers, the banks will steal it again

PostBy: rberq On: Sat Dec 12, 2009 2:26 pm


(Associated Press) "The House [financial regulatory] bill, which passed 223-202, would grant the government new powers to split up companies that threaten the economy … No House Republicans voted for the bill … Last week, top House Republicans urged more than 100 financial industry lobbyists to work harder to defeat the bill. Lobbyists have spent more than $300 million this year trying to scuttle the bill."

Hmmmm. Republican leaders asking out loud for more lobbyist cash? Is that intended as a subtle reminder that Congress can be bought, but the banks have not yet raised their bid high enough?
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Re: If your pension recovers, the banks will steal it again

PostBy: jeromemsn On: Sat Dec 12, 2009 3:36 pm

There not banks anymore, there MOB run legitimate money laundering facilities. Where else would they get Billions and Billion to pay back the Fed already. Economy is down, lending is down, people paying back loans are down, so where did all the money come from? Oh I know, from over inflated prices on the stock market thats where. We the people have no money to buy stocks, we don't even have the money to the products that would normally make the stocks go up on there own, but yet there going up at an alarming rate again with no input from us the masses. Guess the bankers figured out that if they can't make it from us one way they will another. Well more power to them. The one good thing is we all die the same way and are worth the same once dead. Spend it well bankers, Spend it well.
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