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PostBy: stoker-man On: Wed Dec 30, 2009 12:58 pm

About this same dealer, he installed a 750 in an old house with a new B & G circulator. The owner complained that he could hear noise from the new boiler when sitting in his living room and when trying to sleep. The dealer was back several times and couldn't find anything wrong. The owner called efm and I went out on a warranty call, actually two times. The dealer was through with him and called him crazy.

The guy was definitely eccentric, but I did hear the noise. The dealer is hard of hearing and didn't. I said it was the circulator. The dealer said it was quiet to him and he has a thing about the Taco 007 that he won't install any. I said I'd take the B & G back under warranty, even though there was nothing wrong with it. They can be noisy. He installed the Taco and it was quiet and I never heard, nor did the dealer, from him again. He was happy.

I saw the dealer recently and asked him if he had a change of heart for the Tacos, and he isn't ready to switch yet.
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Re: Circulator Pump

PostBy: Pa Dealer On: Wed Dec 30, 2009 2:58 pm

stoker-man wrote:For PA dealer: We have one dealer that installs a PK750 with B & G circulator in every single job. Doesn't matter if the house is 500 sq. ft or 5000 sq. ft. His reasoning: What if they decide to put on an addition.

Well what's nice about the spk600 or vt's ,which you know ,is the ability to fire it with several different nozzle sizes,which is great for future additions. :)

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