NYS State of the State

NYS State of the State

PostBy: gitrdonecoal On: Wed Jan 06, 2010 2:02 pm

Here goes patterson. he starts any minute. who all is gonna watch him and laugh at him like me? i really hope he talks a little about small business
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Re: NYS State of the State

PostBy: pvolcko On: Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:10 pm

Haven't watched it yet. Figured I find it on the interwebs and watch it later. Did he say anything noteworthy?


Re: NYS State of the State

PostBy: gitrdonecoal On: Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:25 pm

not really. promised that he will cut spending and not raise taxes. guess what he said last year.......? he did say that upstate NY has been in a recession for decades and its time to help them out. glad after twenty years we figure this out. one thing i dont agree with is he is gonna start a program starting with 23,000 homes in buffalo. it is a fix and rehab program fixing up these abandoned homes and selling them to 1st time homebuyers. hmm, this sounds like what Clinton did, make afordable 1st time home buyer homes and screwing up the credit market. i have no idea what the right answer to this crisis is
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Re: NYS State of the State

PostBy: pvolcko On: Wed Jan 06, 2010 7:49 pm

Here's my play by play:

- Year of reconning.
- Old way of doing budgets is unsustainable. Special interests pushing for more when the "cupboard is bare" has to end.
- Ethics reform needed.
- Plan to put NY back to work.
- Comment: Can't figure out where to put his hands. Keeps moving them around. Distracting.
- Prosperity hides all manners of sin. Reforms don't come in good times, only now...
- Pushing accountability and assessment of departments.
- Comment: The guy is blind. No teleprompter here. He's very good at delivery of this speech.
- Renewed call for a spending cap. Anticipates resistance. Will see this done even if it has to be done through constitutional amendment.
- Must cure spending procedures that have infected budget process the last decades.
- Will not write any more bad checks.
- Comment: talking a great game so far.
- Legislature is the voice of the people, and it should must be accountable... bad speech formulation here.
- Ethics reform, power corruption leading to legislators not only doing eithically bad things personally and within their office, but more generally in how legislating and budget "negotiating" is done.
- Reform agenda will significantly drive down campaign contributions. Pensions stripped from legislators found guilty of crimes or ethics violations. Phase in public campaign finance. Impose term limits. :shock: Anticipates more pushback.
- Reforms are to restore fairness and openness to campaigning and legislating.
- Something about some people not getting respresentation.. not sure what this was about.
- JObs for the "new economy". Manufacturing meeting the energy standards we need. Commitment to help people raise themselves up.
- Attract businesses only if they believe in the state government.
- Keep taxes down by keeping spending down. Keep school budgets accounted for by avoiding spending gluts like we're in now.
- Enterprise Zone program no longer working. Ending it. No more tax credits for businesses that don't provide the jobs we were promised. Replacing with the "Excelsior Program". Focus on new energy and high growth jobs. Sustainable program. We'l be proud. Opena nd transparent. Sought input from all businesses in the state. Broadband, clean energy, info tech, biotech. $25 mill fund for entrepenuers. Will create 10's of thousands of jobs. Convert electric use to newer clean energy forms.
- Throws some love to George PAtaki for starting us down the green energy road.
- We're poised to lead in the new technology economy.
- R&D tax credit program to encourage development of new technologies.
- Create a new freer exchange of ideas among universities, financing, and entrepenuers.
- Fix up, retrofit, and resell abandoned manufacturing sites.
- Erie Canal research and development park (?) will be expanded.
- Lots of housing stock to be developed in buffalo, Rochester, syracuse. Starting with Buffalo, 23,000 units available. Push new local community and natural beauty angle in promoting the state to individuals, families, and businesses.
- Minority and women owned busineses don't have the opportunity for resources from the state that others do... ? This doesn't make any sense at all. There have been programs for these groups, separate and apart from the programs available for all comers... Seems to be saying because there aren't a lot of applicants there is some kind of problem with availability... or something. Not sure what this whole section is about... Sounds like he's trying to toot his own horn on increasing minority owned business participation in state assistance programs.
- Create a revolving loan program for startup costs for small businesses.
- Rebuild the NY Insurance Exchange. Reestablish NY as the center for finance and capital. Recover from the unregulated stuff that crippled things in 2008. Take our share of the responsibility... weak section. Kind of confused delivery.
- Something about a cold day in January 2007... talking about it like it is fabled in the annals of history. Not sure what he's talking about. Inauguration day for him?
- We've arisen from economic disasters before. yadda yadda. We will overcome. We will endure. We will rebuild. Kumbaya.

Delivery kinda fell apart in the last 1/2. HArd to remember a 30 minute speech and deliver it cleanly. Not holding it against him, indeed I am still impressed with his overall delivery given that most politicians would fall apart in 5 minutes without a teleprompter these days.

Struck a lot of center-right chords. However, his credibility (and especially that of the legislature) is zero at this point. It is put up or shut up time in this country and this state. His job is on the line and the state is on the line. He needs to deliver on lower spending, lower taxes, cleaned up budget process. School budget process cleanup will flow from all of it. Business investment will flow from that. Job creation will flow from that. Tax base restoration will flow from that. Which helps in lowering taxes again and on and on. He and the legislature need to deliver on lower spending and lower taxes. They get to keep their jobs

Re: NYS State of the State

PostBy: stockingfull On: Thu Jan 07, 2010 7:18 pm

Haven't seen it yet but nice summary, Paul.
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