.. and so another stove

.. and so another stove

PostBy: coalnewbie On: Tue Jan 19, 2010 11:57 am

Thx to everybody on giving advice adding heat to my house. My wonderful new Pocono just ran out of steam (not surprising given the work load). Do I love those stoves?-Well I have another one coming Friday if that tells you anything. It was the most expensive option but the best one. Oh well. McDs for a month or two, hope I don't get too fat. After all there is only so much money I can afford to save. So now I have efficient heat transfer, 400 lb hopper, redundancy, ability to shut one down from time to time to service in winter and many other advantages. My dealer is coming over and helping me set the manometers which are included with the stoves etc.

Hello HNI - Harman - anybody getting this - hello - hello - anybody in? You owned the world but you don't get to keep it if you are asleep at the switch. Go talk to GM for a lesson. LL won't keep it either unless you keep moving - so LOL boys. For now, in my book, you have the crown but we are watching.

;) :partyhat:
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