Does Anyone Have a "SNOWMAN" Boiler Out There?

Does Anyone Have a "SNOWMAN" Boiler Out There?

PostBy: keyman512us On: Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:09 am

Hi all.
...While doing some research I came across this on the web:

...It got me wondering so this is why I posted this forum topic.
..I've read that a few people in this forum have what I would refer to as "salvaged" boilers (me being one of them). I have worked in many houses that had these old babies, and everyone that I have seen has been converted to either oil or gas. I have yet to see one converted back to "Day One" condition...If you have ever seen one of these babies you know why they call them a "SNOWMAN".
...I wouldn't dream of trying to 'salvage' one, first because of the shear weight and size, second because they would probably try and lock you up and throw away the key for playing with ACM's (asbestos containing material).
...I came close on one job though. My buddy Jay was replacing a boiler for a friend/customer of his in the 'city', and not only needed the new one wired, but needed help getting the old "ARCO-LINER" removed.
...In the old days 'boilermen' were a rare breed so to speak. They had a tough job, and if you have ever wondered how some of these boilers made it into a house, here is your answer: They were brought in piece by piece and assembled in place. Ever wonder why they call them "sectional boilers" (2,3,4 and so on?).
...I took the entire thing apart, split all three sections, and helped him load it. He said "You aren't going to try to put this baby back together are you???" to which I said "of course" his reply "it's not worth will leak". Unfortunately, I never got to find out. The doors (3 of them) got lost on the way back, the housing got destroyed. All was not lost yet. I brought the sections to the garage workshop I hang out at. It disappeared. One of the boys (a junker) turned it in for cast iron $'s.
Me being a true philospher of 'Murphys Law' I believe it would have held up because of everything I went thru...only to have everything buck the tide.
Anyone else want to speculate? Anyone else speak from experiance? Has anyone been able to de-bunk this myth (that you can't re-assemble a sectional)?
If you have seen the old "Arco-liners" you know why they would be the perfect 'test platform' to build a coal fired boiler for the least amount of effort. They could easily accomodate a grate/firebox combo for coal or wood and still be able to get underfire air.
Maybe someday the chance will re-present itself.
If any of my fellow readers of this forum know of a situation coming up...please advise. Thanks in Advance.
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Re: Does Anyone Have a "SNOWMAN" Boiler Out There?

PostBy: keyman512us On: Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:16 am

The web address changes minute by minute so here is the text:
Me and My SnowmanWhen we were about to sell our old house we were worried about the boiler. It was estimated that this boiler had been in the house for maybe 80 years. It started as a coal boiler and was converted to oil and then converted to natural gas. It was huge, and dominated the basement. They called it a "Snowman" back in the day because it was covered in white. Can you guess what the white was? That's right, asbestos.

We'd had someone in to look at the asbestos, who told us that since it was not flaking or chipping the boiler posed no immediate danger. We could have the entire boiler taken out and disposed of properly, and buy a new boiler, but the cost would run into the thousands of dollars. No thanks. We preferred to nurse our old Snowman along, filling it with water and emptying out the waste container.

When we got ready to put the house on the market, we decided to put in a price allowance for it, but not to do anything else. The day before the first open house we were cleaning the valves to make it look a little newer, and BOOM, the side valve blew off and filthy black water began spraying all over the basement.

Thank God a boiler guy was able to get out there and fix the valve that afternoon. While he worked we wiped down the basement walls, and when he left we took his advice, "Just don't do anything else to the Snowman until the house sells."

...text taken from previous web address.

Re: Does Anyone Have a "SNOWMAN" Boiler Out There?

PostBy: keyman512us On: Mon Feb 12, 2007 2:27 am

Found this on Arco-liner: I'm beginning to believe it would have worked (my luck being what it is!:,28 ... msg-286456