getting closer

getting closer

PostBy: bigchunk On: Fri Feb 16, 2007 12:28 pm

well i decided when the time comes this summer to get a block chimney built it should be about 33 feet tall and ive decided to buy a kodiak by alaska stove 100,000 btu a hour. ive been using my pellet stove its a breckwell big E utility furnace since i moved into my home 2 years ago my house is a 200 year old side hall colonial the pellet stove gives out 55000 btus a hour on its highest burn the house is 2200 square feet the rooms have 10ft tall cielings ive been not getting enough out of the pellet stove its not winning any battles with the cold so ive been using my natural gas in combination with the pellet stove, ive gone through 4 1/2 tons of pellets since october i bought 5 tons not good when i get the kodiak am i gonna go through 6 tons of coal and have to use my furnace or is the kodiak gonna belittle the pellet stove. come on guys sell the coal on me. btw im not getting rid of the pellet stove im taking the pellet stove of its stage and putting the kodiak in its place. thanx for the inspiration.
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PostBy: coal nut On: Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:32 pm

Im glad you are seeing the benefits of coal and the drawback of pellets. The btu of coal vs pellet is much higher. You will like the Kodaik. A freind of mine has it and it is one great stove. Heats his entire house with it. A little over 2500 sqft. He uses anywhere from 3-4 tons. You can easily get 100k btus out of that stove. Something you cant do with any pellet stove. Best of all, no electricity! No augers, blowers etc. The round grate system seems to work really well too.
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