Fight global warming, get $1,100 a year

Re: Fight global warming, get $1,100 a year

PostBy: pvolcko On: Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:33 pm

Richard S. wrote:
A staffer for the bill's other sponsor, Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said that after receiving some $1,100 in rebate checks each year and paying higher gas and electric prices, the average Maine consumer would come out $102 ahead.

From the money tree on the WH lawn? How does the government take in $1000, take $250 for itself then return $1100.... :lol:

They do it by implementing the return on a unequal basis.

Single mother working two low paying jobs living in public housing? You get a 120% "return" (since you were on a home heating assistance program, we'll deduct from the calculation what we paid for on the front end, so you'll only actually see a 120% return on the $100 you actually paid out of pocket). Two parent family of 3 in the middle class? You get 110%, you're a model of sustainable living. Family of 4, middle class? You get 105%, what are you complaining about you get to the extra deduction, too bad you're living unsustainably. Same family, upper middle class? 100% back, we would have kept some, but we made that pesky "no new taxes" pledge for those $250k and under.

Using more than the average for a home your size (which we just happen to know thanks to you're filling out the census info, thanks!)? 90% modifier for you, just a friendly kick in the pants to make you sign up for the "free" government program to get your house weatherstripped! Are you using well below what you should be on gas and electric? Using solar or wind? 120% modifier for you, hey mind if Obama does a green energy roadshow stop at your place? Not using wind or solar or geothermal? You must be heating with coal or wood pellets or propane, you Earth hating, evil prick, 80% modifier for you! The nation hates you, you know that, right? Sooner or later we're not going to be able to afford to support you anymore. Consider this a gift and a warning, next year we'll be less forgiving.

Who's next on the list? You're heating a business? Times are tough, as you know. Let me be clear, I don't like to do this anymore than anyone else, but you have to sacrafice for the good of the nation, you don't need but 25% back. We admire your efforts, but this whole "profit" thing is a luxury the people just can't afford anymore. Own a big company? Jackpot!!!! 0% back, plus we're publishing your company name on a list at
This link is broken, either the page no longer exists or there is some other issue like a typo.
and charging you a surcharge every energy bill until you install green energy tech. Oh, you're a union shop... damn. Can't have you cutting union jobs to make up the difference, at least not until 2013. Unless you're in Las Vegas, you're not in Las Vegas are you? We despise Vegas here at Obama HQ, if Reid weren't fighting for you, we definitely would have loaded Yucca up with all that nuclear waste. Not in Vegas, good, good. Okay, you're not on the list, but we can't give you anything back on this energy tax thing, that just wouldn't look right, you know? However, we have a new government subsidy for responsible union shops that don't export jobs overseas. You don't outsource, do you? A little bit... well, work on that. Your non-union competitors? I'm not saying we're going to screw them over real hard, but I'm not not saying it either. Hey, can I put you on hold for a bit, Amadinejad is talking smack again, need to be briefed. Thanks. ... "Thank you for holding. While you're waiting if you'd like to make a campaign contribution to Obama for President 2012, please press 1... musci music... Sorry it's taking so long. We're transfering you to someone else while you wait..." Hello, Obama For President 2012, thanks for calling to make a donation, how much Change can you afford now for a better tomorrow?


Okay, I took some liberties toward the end there. :)