Road Trip, the Leisureline Detour.

Road Trip, the LeisureLine detour.

PostBy: LsFarm On: Fri Feb 23, 2007 12:29 am

On the last day of my road trip I was stuck in a detour around the closed section of I-81 and I-80. This detour took me through Berwick Pennsylvania, the home of LeisureLine Stoker stoves.

After over three hours of creeping along at less than a 10mph average, I decided I needed a break.

So I gave Jerry at LeisureLine a call, and stopped by the factory.

It was really nice to meet Jerry and take a look around the factory, seeing the process of welding together the stoves, assembling the doors, the stoker unit, and hopper.

Since I've done a fair amount of fabricating and welding on my own projects, it was quite interesting to see the process happening on the different LeisureLine models. The quality of construction was quite obvious.

Jerry and I had several different conversations about stoker design, heat transfer and cold air returns.

I've attached a few photos of the stove parts, parts of stoves, and ready to deliver wrapped and packaged stoves.

This was a welcome detour from the frustrating traffic jam, and with Jerry's directions I was able to bypass a few miles of the detour and get on the freeway without too much more delay.

Greg L
Pioneer parts.jpg
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A few Pioneer stove body-parts.
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A Pocono, a Hyfire, and an Econo stove.
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A couple Hyfire stoves ready to ship, This is Leisureline's second best selling model.
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PostBy: mgambuzza On: Fri Feb 23, 2007 6:18 am

Great story! What a great way to spend a break from the miserable weather and driving! I'm glad Jerry was able to accomodate the request and give a tour - a testament to the people at Leisure Line!

PostBy: LsFarm On: Fri Feb 23, 2007 9:20 am

Yes it was a great way to 'blowoff some frustration'. Nothing gets me steamed as creeping along in an endless line of traffic. Especially since I know that I could have traveled quite safely on the 'closed' interstate on that clear, sunny Friday. Since I had been on the same freeway two days earlier right in 'the teeth' of the storm !

I really liked getting a side by side comparrison of the stoves. Looking at the website is informative, but seeing an econo model next to a pioneer, next to a Pocono, next to a Hyfire really puts the size and heat output into perspective.

And looking at the walls over the workbenches shows a history of the work done at that workbench. There was a stoker motor running hanging on a bracket with a date on it, I can't remember the date, but something about two years ago comes to mind. So Jerry is testing the parts, trying new ideas all the time.

Just from my own short time at the factory I saw and heard the history of switching and controling the stoker motor, the combustion fan and the distribution fan. And the improvements to safety and effeciency the addtion of the CoalTrol made to the operation of the stoves.

I'm trying to figure out a way to put a CoalTrol to work in my boiler, but so far I can't. It is a really innovative product.

AND there are several new addtions to the Leisure Line stoves and products coming soon. I'll let Jerry tell us when he's ready.

All in all a very pleasant 'detour off the detour'. I sure put a dent in his supply of cookies from the cookie jar on his desk!! :lol: :) :lol:

Greg L

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Hand Fed Coal Boiler: Self-built 'Big Bertha' SS Boiler
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