Wanting to Burn Coal

Re: Wanting to Burn Coal

PostBy: shorty27 On: Sun. Mar. 04, 2007 7:28 pm

Berlin wrote:lack of firebrick to increase combustion temps, lack of effective secondary burn of any kind, and lack of high stack are the reasons for problems with outdoor boilers, one of the main ones being low stack height, the smoke cools and sits at ground level or thereabouts. raise the stack to 30' and most of the bitching will go away.

My stove is set at a "water temp" of 180 degrees. When the temp is reached, the boiler shuts down. On my particular brand, that means that the 2 fans, upper and lower, shut off. Most boilers don't have fans. They just have a damper open and any air that gets in, makes the fire burn again. My stove is froced to burn from the fans blowing under the fire. The top fan is to help reburn the smoke. The fans are the reason why I can burn coal. Without this, they are unable to burn coal. The fans start up again when the temp goes down 8 degress. These settings are all adjustable for the warmer swasons of spring and fall. Even when the stove has been "idling" for over an hour, there is still a red hot bed of wood coals inside. I have nevef had a failure to fire. My chimney is 13 feet off the ground at the moment. The pictures do not show the higher chimney. The ONLY person complaining lives down at 80 foot bank below me. Pretty much my chimney is over 80 feet above his residence. I have had no other complaints from any of my neighbors, as a matter of fact, they all wrote letters for me saying that they don't have any problems with the stove. I do, however, plan on raising the stack a bit higher. I am trying to be neighborly unlike other people. I want to add that I will not be using this in the summer to heat my water. I am only using this stove in the winter. around here they say you can burn them from Oct 1 to May 1. Reasonable. I am still very pleased with the stove and how it works. That is why I am trying to get info on coal. If it is worth the cost trade off for the lack of work involved with cutting wood. Any help is appreciated and all this has been helpful.