Questions for Haman SF/150-250 Owners

PostBy: DavidJinPa On: Sun Mar 18, 2007 10:07 am

Thanks Cap, I bought a magnetic therostat for on the door yesterday. I'm matching what you pretty much said. Seems too be most efficent when door temp matches the stack temp, and I have the best BTU output when an extra 50* going up the chimney. I guess that has something too do with the "spiral flame" heat exchanger contraption.. I really daught it'll see any more wood this year so next year I guess I'll try one of those waffer style baffles, and see if I can settle it down a bit. Running at optimum burn with wood, and having 800*/900* constantly up the stack really made me uncomfortable/mental. Hey tstove, your nuts. I hate the freaking Pa humidity ugggg, but I sure could use a big stash of boro tomatos right about now :wink: .... Hope you enjoys the onion snow as much as we did. Watch that river, she was bulging yesterday...

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