Why is PA harassing farmers and their tractors?

Re: Why is PA harassing farmers and their tractors?

PostBy: labman On: Mon Mar 15, 2010 11:25 am

This is what happens when we let the "soccer mom" mentallity take over. They try to protect us from ourselves whether we want it or not. These people like to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong; Just don't look at their life! These are the same people that run over a biker because they don't feel they deserve to share "their" road. How many time do you hear about a politician killing someone with their car? Remember, there aren't alot of them by comparasion! Maybe we would be better off if we put restrictions on politicians ans soccer moms instead?? Sounds good to me! While we are at it lets restrict anyone over 50 from driving? Gee; That would include me! Although, I did get real concerned when the neighbor kid was driving the Super"M" and had to stand up to reach the pedals.
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