Excellent Customer Service From Coal Trol

Excellent Customer Service From Coal Trol

PostBy: Matthaus On: Wed. Mar. 07, 2007 10:51 am

The fellows at Automation Correct are the best. I recently had an issue with my Coal-Trol that occurred just as I was leaving town on business. Neil offered to talk on the phone before I even got back, and then when I called him he walked me through each item to test and how to test it.

Bottom line, in this world of shoddy work and lackluster customer service it is nice to see that a company stands behind their products. My Coal-Trol has been in operation since last September without any issues that can be attributed to the unit.

As it turns out my problem was a loose plug from the fume switch that I should have found on my own!

Cheers to Neil, Paul and the rest of the company!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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