off shore drilling ban

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PostBy: Berlin On: Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:25 pm

the burning of coal produces a very tiny percentage of atmospheric mercury compared to natural and other anthropogenic sources; much smaller than many alarmists would have you realize: ... 0.fig1.gif
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Re: off shore drilling ban

PostBy: SMITTY On: Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:44 pm

There's more mercury in the back floor of the cab of my Chevy than in anybody's coal. I'm still able to type & form sentences, so all is well so far.

Spilled out of my carb stix -- basically a mercury manometer for carburetor sychronization on multi-cylinder bikes or cars. I bought it in '00 -- came with an eye dropper filled with 1.5 oz of mercury that I had to pour in. After 10 years little beads of mercury were stuck inside the tubes, making it's accuracy questionable. Tried to buy more mercury for it last year ... HA! Yeah right! Thanks for protecting me from myself Obama! :sick: :roll: :mad:

So basically I had to shitcan that setup & buy a new one. :roll:

But the whole point is if mercury was as bad as these enviro-nazis make it out to be, myself, my wife, father, grandfather .... or anyone else who had been around mercury would be completely insane. Sure, it's bad stuff .... if you EAT it, or inhale fumes all day. But if any of you saw how much I spilt in the carpet of my truck ..... took me forever to clean it up with an eyedropper, piece by piece. Definitely some still there, as the balls get smaller & smaller the more you mess with it. Oh well!
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Re: off shore drilling ban

PostBy: wsherrick On: Tue Mar 16, 2010 11:45 am

LsFarm wrote:
mikeandgerry wrote:
grumpy wrote:Ok Then, where is the Mercury? Is it in the CO2? I am all for coal but the Mercury is a bit out of hand as it is in everything.

The mercury is in all those fluorescent light bulbs that you must use after 2014 to be "green", according to your government.

Not my government. Someone else voted these idiots into office..

As far as the CFL's are concerned, I like them. I don't like them for the government's sake, but for my sake.. I like the much lower electical bill I get, and the bulbs last a lot longer, and are much tougher, they stand up to use in a drop cord 20x better than a fillament bulb..

I like the light from a fillament bulb better, but I'll live with the blue-white light where I can.

You can have my share of these glaring, dim, flickering, over-hyped monstrosities. You are welcome to them
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Re: off shore drilling ban

PostBy: smokeyCityTeacher On: Tue Mar 16, 2010 4:48 pm

cokehead wrote:
LsFarm wrote:And neither wind or solar will provide electricity on a cold calm night..
How about spending that additional funding on burning coal such that the CO2 is captured ?? Oh,, that makes too much sense I guess.
Greg L
Capturing CO2 is a waste of money we can't afford to waste. Global warming is a big con. We need domestically produced oil. 70% is coming from overseas. We are hemorrhaging money as a nation to pay for it. I swear the Dems/progresives are out to destroy us.

Right on. the progressive agenda is suicide and self destruction. At time when we need to actually produce wealth instead of printing money,
Obama makes sure we cant supply ourselves with oil . Just think what a turn around we could have if he let us produce our own oil and nuclear energy.
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