PostBy: LsFarm On: Mon Mar 19, 2007 8:59 am

Yeah , us 'rich-folks' need to support the tax system more. I laugh like hell when I see the income levels the demoncrats use to describe the 'rich'. I'd like to see even one polititian pay SS taxes [congressmen don't pay SS taxes], and live on the income level they describe as 'rich'.

I can't even imagine adding the payments of a new truck to my budget, it's no wonder the economy is slowwing down, nobody can afford to do much but just get by.

Like the 'rich folks' don't pay any income taxes, or SS taxes or have any deductions from our paychecks... Not more than the 60% reduction off the gross that I see anyway. :lol: I work for three weeks every month to support the deductions part of my income!!

One of the great burdens during retirement is living on a fixed income, and watch property taxes go up, and up, and up... To the point that you can't keep your home any longer.

SIGH... I guess I'll retire to a wigwam in Idaho somewhere.... with coal heat..

Greg L.
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