Going Through Wall and Cleaning

Going Through Wall and Cleaning

PostBy: bigchunk On: Sun. Mar. 11, 2007 9:12 pm

hi, what do I use to go through the wall from the inside of the house from stove pipe what kind of "thimble" second if a person has a masonry chimney and when it has a clean out at the bottom of it is there a chimney brush that a person can use where they can insert the brush from the ground and work the brush up the chimney rather than from going to the top and brushing down. see im debating whether I should get a class A or a masonry chimney I don't want to have to mess with climbing a large ladder or trying to climb around on my roof. but I do know that I could save lots of money with the masonry chimney. thanks for the help.
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Re: Going Through Wall and Cleaning

PostBy: LsFarm On: Sun. Mar. 11, 2007 9:43 pm

If you install a masonry chimney, you don't need to sweep it for ash. The fly ash from anthracite will fall into the cleanout and can be vacuumed out. The ash will only accumulate in horizontal sections of flue pipe.

A stainless steel chimney should be swept to reduce the acidic action of the ash on the stainless. A ceramic chimney will not be affected by the acidic ash.

Hope this helps. greg L

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Re: Going Through Wall and Cleaning

PostBy: gaw On: Sun. Mar. 11, 2007 9:50 pm

On new masonry chimneys it is a round clay made of the same material as the square flue liner. My old house someone used a piece of 8" cast iron pipe!

My mother's house has had a coal fire going 24/7 for over 50 years and the chimney Flues were NEVER cleaned. Just use a shop vac and suck the fly ash out of the sump. Use a small mirror to look up the chimney for problems but burning anthracite coal only, you will likely never see any build up on the sides of the chimney.
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