More Climategate

More Climategate

PostBy: smokeyCityTeacher On: Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:38 pm

NASA now admits its data is even more fudged than the UN data ... gate-data/

When will Al Gore's bogus religion finally be recognized for the fraud that it is?
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Re: More Climategate

PostBy: Richard S. On: Tue Mar 30, 2010 4:38 pm

There was recent write up here, actually this isn't really new news.

The accuracy of the NASA temps have been questioned quite a bit with Hansen at the helm who notably was arrested at a environmentalist rally and has compared coal trains to the Nazi death trains of WW2. No bias there... :roll:

Specifically in question is what appears to be an almost constant heat bubble over the arctic seen here in a recent image from GISS. What is notable is there are no temperature stations where the red is.


The gray area is also where they have no temperature data, the arctic should be gray too. That's where the problem begins:
The procedure is one that is laid out in a 1987 paper by Hansen and Lebedeff In that paper, they note that annual temperature changes are well correlated over a large distance, out to 1200 kilometres (~750 miles).

(“Correlation” is a mathematical measure of the similarity of two datasets. It’s value ranges from zero, meaning not similar at all, to plus or minus one, indicating totally similar. A negative value means they are similar, but when one goes up the other goes down.)

Based on Hansen and Lebedeff’s finding of a good correlation (+0.5 or greater) out to 1200 km from a given temperature station, GISS show us the presumed temperature trends within 1200 km of the coastline stations and 1200 km of the island stations. Areas outside of this are shown in gray. This 1200 km. radius allows them to show the “temperature trend” of the entire Arctic Ocean, as shown in Figure 1. This gets around the problem of the very poor coverage in the Arctic Ocean. Here is a small part of the problem, the coverage of the section of the Arctic Ocean north of 80° North:

In other words they would be using temperature data for up to about 750 miles away. It's like trying to say what it is in New York City and St. Louis Missouri by picking a spot in between.
Richard S.
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