Pennsylvania Lower Kittaning B Seam Bituminous Experiment

Pennsylvania Lower Kittaning B seam bituminous experiment

PostBy: stoker-man On: Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:32 pm

This experiment is of a sample of coal from the "B" seam, correctly called Lower Kittaning coal. It was in run-of-the-mine form and I broke it by driving over it with the forklift. The result was a great deal of dust and small fragments. The picture below shows the finished product with the bottom 1" being Anthracite rice. The fire did not hold overnight without being stoked, like the Western coal.

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The following video shows a good, smoke-free fire at 7 feed and 7 air.

This video shows little or no smoke at 7 feed and 7 air

The fire is restarted after a 90 minute rest. It doesn't seem a timer will be necessary for this coal.

About 40 seconds into this video, you'll see the large coke piece fall off the pot.

As with all the other Bituminous experiments, this burned well. It produced some of the largest coke of any tested, but it all fell off the edge and into the ash can. In a worst case scenario, you might have to help a large piece along, once a day. The burned coke was featherweight.

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